Teach yourself how to build Windows 8 applications using Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 with Microsoft Visual C# 2012 or Visual Basic 2012—one step at a time. Build Windows 8 Apps with Microsoft Visual C# and Visual Basic Step by Step , by Luca Regnicoli, Paolo Pialorsi, and Roberto Brunetti, is available now. Here, at the chapter level, are the book’s contents: Contents at a Glance Introduction xi CHAPTER 1 Introduction to Windows Store apps 1 CHAPTER 2 Windows 8 UI style 31 CHAPTER 3 My first Windows 8 app 65 CHAPTER 4 Application lifecycle management 99 CHAPTER 5 Introduction to the Windows Runtime 133 CHAPTER 6 Windows runtime apIs 155 CHAPTER 7 enhance the user experience 185 CHAPTER 8 Asynchronous patterns 231 CHAPTER 9 rethinking the UI for Windows 8 apps 259 CHAPTER ...read more