Last night we had an absolutely awesome time in Stockholm. The Scripting Wife and I met Niklas Goude , Windows PowerShell MVP, and all around nice guy, at our hotel. By the way, Niklas is an Honorary Scripting Guy , and has an awesome blog posting out today on using PowerShell Workflow to Ping computers in Parallel – it is a great article. The hike to the training center We hiked across town to the location that was to host the rebooted Windows PowerShell user group. This was an awesome walk, in and of itself. While we walked, I took 283 pictures as I hoofed it behind Teresa and Niklas. Along the way, we passed a really cool light tower. Not sure what it is in reality, but to me it looks like a light tower. The round light over in the lower middle of the picture is the moon. As you can see more