We’re thrilled to announce that the eagerly anticipated Windows Internals, Sixth Edition, Part 2 (ISBN 9780735665873) has been sent to the printer! Some of you already have your hands on Part 1; soon you’ll be able to complete the edition with Part 2, which will be shipped to retailers in the next couple weeks. Preorder your copy of Part 2 here , here , or here . (Part 1 was released in March 2012. For info on Part 1, including its contents and where you can order it from, see this previous post .) Part 2 shares the same stellar authoring team as Part 1, the renowned internals experts Mark Russinovich, David A. Solomon, and Alex Ionescu. And just like Part 1, Part 2 shares insights into how Windows operates and provides hands-on experiments that let you experience Windows internal behavior ...read more