If you enjoy using Blend or you’re interested in giving it a try, check out the big news today over on blendinsider.com: http://blendinsider.com/technical/available-now-blend-for-visual-studio-2012-2012-08-15/#more-1166 . The post begins like this: Today, I have the great pleasure to announce the latest release of Blend. In this release cycle, our big focus has been Windows 8: Blend now supports UX authoring not just for store apps written in XAML, but also for those written in HTML. We want to make it really easy for you to create great apps for Windows 8. Therefore, we are now including Blend with Visual Studio 2012, including the free Express for Windows 8 version for authoring Win 8 store apps. With one fast download and install you get VS for your coding-centric tasks and Blend for visual ...read more