Greetings! This morning we finalized the 13 chapters in the Release Preview edition of Charles Petzold’s Programming Windows, Sixth Edition . This book focuses exclusively on writing new Windows 8 applications with C# and XAML. The companion content for this book also includes all the program samples converted to C++. See this earlier post for details on its 13 chapters . (This release contains six new chapters: Chapter 8, “Animation,” Chapter 9, “Transforms,” Chapter 13, “Touch, Etc.,” Chapter 14, “Bitmaps,” Chapter 15, “Printing,” and Chapter 16, “Going Native.”) Total page count for the Release Preview edition is 579 pages. All we have to do now is create and do quality-check passes on the PDF, EPUB, and MOBI files. This means we’ll be releasing the Release Preview edition perhaps as early more