Greetings. On January 31, we released a draft version of the Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2012 ebook containing the six boldfaced chapters below: PART I DATABASE ADMINISTRATION (by Ross Mistry) 1. Denali Editions and Enhancements 2. High Availability and Disaster Recovery Enhancements 3. Scalability and Performance 4. Security Enhancements 5. Beyond Relational PART II BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE DEVELOPMENT (by Stacia Misner) 6. Integration Services 7. Data Quality Services 8. Master Data Services 9. Analysis Services and PowerPivot 10. Reporting Services That release is available in PDF only, and you can download it via our January 31 blog post . In today’s post, we’re happy to say that we’re on schedule to release the final, full, and, yes, free 10-chapter ebook in three formats (PDF, MOBI more