Hello. You’ve probably seen our recent free ebook by Charles Petzold called Programming Windows Phone 7, which is available here . That ebook contains three parts: Part I, “The Basics” (Chapters 1-6), Part II, “Silverlight” (Chapters 7-18), and Part III, “XNA” (Chapters 19-24). In case you’d appreciate a fully indexed print version of the content in Charles’s ebook, we’ve created two books (for sale) from the one ebook. Microsoft Silverlight Edition: Programming Windows Phone 7 contains Part I, “The Basics,” and Part II, “Silverlight” from the ebook. The resulting book is 792 pages, and its ISBN is 9780735656673. Please note that this book contains no new content but for the Index and the book’s screenshots appear in black and white unlike the ebook’s screenshots, which appear in color. The ...read more