Microsoft Windows Exchange Server 2010 Inside Out , by Tony Redmond, is on its way to the printer. It will be available in book stores in early December and is now available for pre-order through online book sellers. If you just can’t wait, we also have an eBook that will be available for purchase this week. The ISBN is 9780735640410. This book is 1248 pages and each one is a gem. Here’s the Contents at a Glance. Chapter 1 Introducing Microsoft Exchange 2010 Chapter 2 Installing Microsoft Exchange 2010 Chapter 3 The Exchange Management Shell Chapter 4 Role-Based Access Control Chapter 5 Exchange Management Console and Control Panel Chapter 6 Managing Mail-Enabled Recipients Chapter 7 The Exchange 2010 Store Chapter 8 Exchange’s Search for High Availability Chapter 9 Backups and Restores Chapter more