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Don’t Miss This Year’s Webinar Series Debut—“Training with Technology”—This Thursday!

If you’re not signed up yet, delay no further. This year’s webinar premiere, taking place Thursday at 8 A.M. Pacific Time, zeros in on a topic that affects nearly all educators—using technology to engage and motivate students.

The webinar is a free, monthly virtual event that’s open to anyone affiliated with an academic institution. See the series calendar and sign up to tune in live or on-demand.

New Sign-In Criteria for First-Time ITA Member Site Users

Starting September 16, 2013, new users of the IT Academy member site will need the following information the first time they sign into the site: 

  • The ITA membership ID provided in their welcome email
  • A new ITA program key, which will be provided to administrators in an email during the first week of September

IT Academy administrators need to distribute the required membership ID and program key to all new ITA member site users at their schools. If you have questions, please contact your ITA Regional Support Center.

Improvements to Microsoft Official Academic Course Curriculum for MOS and MTA

We have simplified the download experience for Microsoft Official Academic Course (MOAC) curriculum for Microsoft Office 2010 and Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) student files. Students will now need only one .pdf file per course.

We are also in the process of releasing the MOAC content for Office 2013. Microsoft Excel 2013, Microsoft Word 2013, and a preview copy of Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 are available today. To learn more, visit the IT Academy member site and view and download the MOAC content.

Education News from Microsoft

Thinkspace—An Inspiration for and by Students

Sixteen year-old James Anderson of Devonport High School for Boys, in Plymouth, UK, spends most of his free time developing websites and apps, he writes. His latest invention (a collaboration), Thinkspace, is a website aiming to undo stereotypes associated with the programming profession while teaching young coders how to create successful sites and apps. “To attract the most dedicated and passionate individuals, we’ve made our spaces as wonderful and—some would even go as far as to say magical—as possible, so we hope this will unleash people’s creativity.” Read James’ post on the Microsoft UK Schools blog.

Windows 8 Apps Creating New Opportunities in the Classroom

The UK Schools blog shares this video, in which educators and partners speak about how Windows 8 apps are enhancing education for both teachers and students, providing new ways to engage with relevant and interactive content.

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