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Education News from Microsoft

Microsoft Education Innovative Schools Program

Through the Microsoft Innovative Schools program, Microsoft is helping educators discover, share, and scale best practices, and develop assets to help students and educators reach their full potential. A new video showcases how enrolled schools in Colombia, the U.S., the U.K., and Qatar are using Microsoft technology to put students and learning first, and giving school leaders and educators new ways to reimagine education.

Partners in Learning Hot Topics: Learning Another Language

What languages does one need to know to be a valuable worker and citizen in today's world? On the Workforce Skills Development blog, author James Lengel explores the value of the multilingual worker, including the languages of music, mathematics and the arts—forms of communication just as valuable to one’s contribution to society. Read the post >

Today! Watch the Microsoft Research Faculty Summit live and online

Computing has changed the world—from online shopping, to social media, to big data analyses of, well, just about everything. The rate of computing-driven change continues unabated, and we find ourselves wondering: what are the hot trends and burning issues in computer science research today?

On July 15 and 16, 400 elite academic investigators will explore these questions with Microsoft researchers during the annual Microsoft Research Faculty Summit in Redmond, Washington. This free online event offers highlights, such as the opening and closing keynotes, streamed on location from the Faculty Summit. Plus, you’ll hear from leading scientific and academic researchers who are making social and scientific advances—from prediction engines to quantum computing breakthroughs—with the help of technology.

This year, for the first time since 2005, the summit will feature Microsoft Corporation Chairman Bill Gates as the keynote speaker. He will address the role of computing in solving global problems and then take questions from the in-person audience and our online viewers. You may tune in to the rebroadcast on July 15th at http://webinar.acm.org/faculty_summit/

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