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Presenting the Walla Walla Wall of Fame: 354 MOS certificates!

Walla Walla High School (Walla Walla, Washington) created an impressive wall of fame for the 354 Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certificates earned by IT Academy students this year. Congratulations on your fantastic achievement, Walla Walla students!

 More Education News from Microsoft

A New Set of Skills for the 21st Century Workforce

What will it take to succeed in business tomorrow, and how can we prepare next generation students today? On Partners in Learning’s “Hot Topics” blog, author James Lengel explores the set of discovery skills students will need to produce innovative ideas in an increasingly competitive global economy. Read the post

Free eBook: Enabling and inspiring students and teachers with Windows 8

New to Windows 8? Microsoft UK presents a free eBook, “Enabling and inspiring students and teachers with Windows 8,” available for free download or viewing on SlideShare. Topics covered include:

  • tools and resources for Windows 8 devices that enhance learning technology skills
  • the value of adopting a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy
  • collaboration and sharing tools that enable access to learning materials outside the classroom
  • ways to secure devices and the school network
  • how to enable the mobile classroom with Windows 8 to Go technology
  • peer-to-peer networking and conversation technology for educators
  • a day in the life of the technology-equipped student and teacher

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Share Your Success Story

Do you have a success story about one of your IT Academy students?  Have IT Academy resources enabled you to provide more in the classroom? Share your story and best practices in a brief email with photos and your contact information to ITASuccessStories@microsoft.com.

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