Two years ago, Washington State deployed the largest statewide rollout of the Microsoft IT Academy program, with training and certification available to over 300,000 students and over 19,000 teachers in over 700 public high schools, skill centers and tribal schools across Washington State.

Today, the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) announced a monumental milestone: more than 10,000 certifications achieved statewide in the 2012-13 academic year—more than double the number of certifications earned the previous year (4,049, to be exact).

We extend our congratulations to everyone involved in the state’s program; from the students who are building a foundation for career success and the educators who inspire and motivate students every day; to the staff and faculty who support technology learning and the IT Academy program.

Along with news of the milestone, OSPI shared inspiring stories from a few schools in the program. Take a few moments to learn about Morgan VanRiper of Kalama High School, who achieved a perfect score on the 2010 Word core exam—one of the top 5 placing students nationally. And find out more about the program at Anacortes High School, where the 10,000th exam was passed.

OSPI press release: “OSPI-Microsoft IT Academy Passes 10,000 Technology Certifications Earned Statewide

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