Yesterday,Microsoft launched Imagine Cup 2013, the world’s premier student technology competition. The competition has been expanded this year to include three competitions – World Citizenship, Games and Innovation – all with a top prize of $50,000. The news was shared via a press release and an Imagine Cup blog, which you are welcome to localize and replicate for your local schools. Momentum will be generated via the Imagine Cup Twitter handle and Facebook page, which you may amplify in your countries and regions.  Imagine Cup is a great  way to motivate and inspire students to learn technology.  Three big reasons to get your studetns involed in Imagine Cup:

  1. Imagine Cup inspires students to innovate on the newest technology platforms.
  2. Imagine Cup empowers students to build skills that will help them succeed and advance their careers post-graduation.
  3. Imagine Cup cultivates a spirit of social and technological entrepreneurialism in students and provides a vehicle for them to bring creative ideas to reality.

Students of the Microsoft IT Academis around the world should rule the Imagine Cup!  Will you be creating an Imagine Cup team in your school? Let us know.

Start now:Imagine Cup Website