New MCT, what can I do?

  • I recently earned my MCT through the MOSE route and I'm struggling to figure out what I can do.  I don't work for a Learning Partner and don't know where to start and what I'm able to do.  If I provide training on Office Applications will it count for my renewal?  I want o use my MCT and be able to train others, but want to get credit.  Can I do informal classes with people as a registered class?  I want to train my peers and get them MOS certified as well as getting my MSCA and MSCE certs.

    I know how to get the content from Arvato and download center, but how can I facilitate classes.  Please someone help me where to get started.

  • You may be better off with a CPLS, but you can still do your own training.  For doing your own classes, you will need to register with Metrics That Matter through Knowledge Advisors (  Reach out to them and they should get your most of the way.  Once you're registered, you as an MCT should be able to add any course evaluation for your classes.  Given that your registration will be based on your MCID, you will then have all of your evaluations funneled to Microsoft to verify your teaching status.

    Note that for the next recertification, you will need to teach at least three times and maintain an average instructor rating of seven.

    Hope this helps!!!!

    Christopher Reed, MCT, MCSD, MCPD, MSpec, MTA, MCTS
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  • You do have the same issue as I have.

    Not sure if you need to give courses to a Learning Partner, I think you have to do them to a Microsoft Partner (from the Microsoft Partner Network).

    You two types of possible courses:

    - public: Microsoft Learning Partner or IT Academy only <-- this is what you thought about

    - private: Microsoft Partner Network or their subcontractors, mandatory <-- another solution

    The best way you can do if finding a subcontractor of a MPN, in order to provide a private training session (which is what I plan to do).

    Something else you can do, is to give courses to an "authorized customer by Microsoft". But I do not know even 1 word about what is behind that (all I know is you need a written approbation for it).

    Congratulation for the MCT credential! (I did get the MCT 2 days ago, on Sept 1, 2014)