Upgrade MCSE Server 2012 to MCSE Server 2016

  • Hi,

    maybe someone from you can help me out.

    my MCSE 2012 Certification expires in the end of december.

    so, as i know, i need to refresh my MCSE Skills by passing the 70-980 certification.

    Because i want to earn the Server 2016 MCSE i asking you.


    will it be possible to me to earn the 2016 MSCE directly or must i pass both tests ?


    I hope you can help me.



    Kai from germany

  • It is not enough to earn the 2016 certification, you have to pass the recertification exam

  • I am in a similar position my MCSE: Server Infrastructure expires on 6/DEC/2016 and currently I am looking at 70-980

    Does anyone have any info on when the MCSE 2016 track will be released? and will I be able to upgrade directly to 2016....?

  • Hi Holger, I am in the same situation like Kai, why should I take the recertification for 2012 R2 what are the benefits from??

    Is there an artikel or something like that that describes the benefit for the recertification for 2012 R2 or can I only make the update to MSCE 2016 if the MCSE 2012 is valid??

    with best regards


  • Your MCSE that's expiring is independent of the software version, so you only need to do the recertification.

    On the other hand, there is a new MCSE, Data Management & Analytics, that will replace this one. You can see more details

    If you pass one of the elective exams you will achieve the new MCSE.

  • Hello everyone,

    I just want to let you know that 70-743 is not Beta anymore, since october 25th.

    Hopefully all beta testers should receive their results in a near future.



  • Still no beta exam results :-(

  • I received my results this morning: PASS !!!

  • Hi Kai,

    Did you pass 70-980 exam or you got any alternate solution.

    Best Regards,

    Abdul Rashid

  • I had the same Experience with MCSE Communication. I have¬†successful done both Skype for Business tests but I had still to recertify for this MCSE. By the way the MCSE Infrastructure will now expire of the end of April 2017.¬†

  • Yes MCSE Infrastructure will expire in April 2017 and I have to do recertification before this date. I don't know what will be the upgrade path from windows 2012 to 2016.

  • Hi Abdul,

    i tried the 70-980 but failed with only 20 points left.

    but now my MCSE certifications is valid until April 2017.

    i will start a seccond attemp to pass the 70-980 at the begin of January 2017.

    i have no new informations regaring the upgradepath from MCSE 2012 -> MCSE 2016

    Best Regards


  • Hi Kai,


    Did you Pass 70-980 exam and any news to upgrade MCSE 2016.

    Best Regards,

    Abdul Rashid.