Help on getting certification

  • HI,

    I am crazy about Microsoft Certification. If anybody helps me to identify what is the useful and valuable certification and how to attain the same, I would feel better support. I am familiar with SQL Server 2012 Express. Not with advanced activities in that. 

    Please help me friends.

  • Hi Arockia,

    Since you're familiar with SQL Server 2012, your starting point is MCSA. Please visit this page and review the skills measured for each of the three exams. After achieving MCSA, you can then decide to go on to an MCSE, either for Data Platform or Business Intelligence.

    When you're ready to get started, there are online study groups here, including exam prep resources wiki and discussion forums.


  • MVA also will be good place to start learning and check your skills.



  • Furthermore, I can recommend you MINERVA UG, a company specialized on Microsoft certification courses. in which language would you prefer to attend a course?

  • Hi, I have just passed my Database Administration Fundamental, struggling on whether i should go with MCITP or MCSA, kindly advise.

  • My recommendation is to prepare a career path and plan and use it as your guide to identify which certification you should pursue next.

    Keep in mind that MCITP exams are for older versions of SQL Server. For SQL Server 2012, you have the MCSA and MCSE to pursue

  • Don't give certification exam if you don't have a plan in sense don't give just for heck of it. Plan it because now with SQL Server 2012 you have to give 3 papers to get Certified MCSA.  My goal is to get MCSE and I started in Jun 2013 and I finished my MCSA in Feb 2014.

    Though I have hands on experience in SQL Server and working in it for last 12 years , but I still make it point to read the entire book as it gives me  lot of confidence.

    But make sure you have goal in front of you and then only take a dive as it requires commitment.

    Rest assured there is nothing to lose infact you will add lot of value to your skills.

  • Hi , I am planning to go for certification in SQL server, starting with MTA. I don have much experience in terms of work experience with the SQL server but have fundamental knowledge.will it be hard for me to get through this certification . please advice.