70-740 Windows Server 2016 Study

  • Hey guys

    Is there anyone out there that is starting out on the Installing, Storage, and configuring Windows Server 2016, 70-740 exam?    I have bought some training material and I'm keen to start up a study group of sorts and to chat to others that will be working towards the exam.    Eventually I will be working towards MCSA Server 2016.

    I will be using the following materials to help me and will be doing all of the labs that I can find.

    PluralSight's 70-740 video training
    Virtual Academy 
    70-740 Exam Ref book by Craig Zacker
    MCSA Windows Server 2016 Study Guide by William Panek
    When CBT nuggets release their 70-740 training I will look into that too

    Look forward to chatting with you!


  • I am going for the 70-740 exam. I am using Pluralsight, MVA, i also got the 70-740 exam ref book. I am looking to questions for the 70-740 on measure up. I started already. Have you?

  • Great guys.

  • i've started studying. If anyone wants to get together and do some test question, we can do that?

  • Hi guys, how is your studying going?

    I am going for the 70-740 ASAP as well. Are you going to take the 70-741 and 70-742 after you have completed 70-740?

    I was sent on a course, the 20740, a couple of weeks ago. I am more or less prepared to take a shot at the exam, but I fear my knowledge on the subject of High Availability is too limited, and that subject is like 1/3 of the exam. I am also using the MCSA Study Guide by Will Panek, and I think it is great!

  • i am also going for the 70-740..  i am preparing with Craig Zacker Exam Ref 70-740 book.

    And just checking my Knowledge with this free practice test exam... can you try and let me know your opinion Pls..

  • Me 2, using Craig Zacker Exam Ref 70-740 book.

    I also want to buy the Sybex book by William Panek (ISBN: 978-1-119-35934-0)

  • I’m looking to take the 740 exam as well. I just passed the 742 one at Ignite why I was there. I took the 90-365 and passed a couple months ago just for fun and I passed. Lol. I’m using all the same study material as you. If you start up a study group let me know.

  • Hi guys,

    If you need more resources.

    Form Perason IT

    Book by Anthony Sequeira, uCertify

    eBook: by Anthony Sequeira :

  • What lab environment are using? I have a single Azure VM I use as a Hyper-V host since I have a MSDN subscription with 150$ free Azure credits through work.

    I recently took a shot at 70-740 and failed, and what I learned from that experience was that I have spent way too little time doing labs. Do you have any source of lab tasks you are doing?

  • Hi everyone, I tell you the last friday I passed  70-740 exam.  My advice is if you have the CBT Nuggets try to do the labs , and take one exam practice.  Study the exam practice and the topics that you don't know why the answer use the exam ref and technet for know more about the specific topic.  It's all now I'm study for 70-741. Good Luck.

  • HI Guys,

    October 15th i have given exam and i passed 70-740. Now  I'm studying for 70-741. i am prepared with Craig Zacker Exam Ref 70-740 book., CBT Nuggets Videos....I received 49 Question.. passed 770 Score.

    Please do some hands  on and go for Exam. All the best.

  • Someone know where to do free online hand on labs for 70-740?


  • These looks greate!

  • I just passed the 70-740 as well. I had taken the 20-740 course as well, so I just kept using the labs provided in that course. Now I am going for 741 which I have to pass within december, and I won't be taking a course for this one, so I am in great need of practice labs or tasks of some sort for this exam.

    Does anyone have a free or at least cheap source?