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Server Certification Exam Prep Resources

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414: Implementing an Advanced Server Infrastructure

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1  Manage and Maintain a Server Infrastructure

1.1  Design an administrative model

1.2  Design a monitoring strategy

1.3  Design an updates infrastructure

 2  Plan and Implement a Highly Available Enterprise Infrastructure

 2.1  Plan and implement failover clustering

 2.2  Plan and implement highly available network services

 2.3  Plan and implement highly available storage solutions

2.5  Plan and implement a business continuity and disaster recovery solution

 3  Plan and Implement a Server Virtualization Infrastructure

3.1  Plan and implement virtualization hosts

 3.3  Plan and implement virtualization networking

 3.4  Plan and implement virtualization storage

 3.5  Plan and implement virtual guest movement

3.6  Manage and maintain a server virtualization infrastructure

4  Design and Implement Identity and Access Solutions

 4.2  Implement and manage a Certificate Services infrastructure

 4.3  Implement and manage certificates

4.4  Design and implement a federated identity solution

4.5  Design and implement Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS)