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Server Certification Exam Prep Resources

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411: Administering Windows Server 2012

Preparation Tools and Resources

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General preparation material

Learning plans and classroom training

Microsoft Press books

 Exam Ref MCSA 70-411: Administering Windows Server 2012 R2
By Exam Ref series. 
Visit the Microsoft Press Store to buy this book.
 Administering Windows Server 2012 R2 Training Guide: MCSA 70-411
By Microsoft Press Training Guide series. 
Visit the Microsoft Press Store to buy this book.


Prep resources by objective


1  Deploy, Manage, and Maintain Servers

1.2  Implement patch management

2  Configure File and Print Services

2.1  Configure Distributed File System (DFS)

2.3  Configure file and disk encryption

3  Configure Network Services and Access

3.1  Configure DNS zones

3.2  Configure DNS records

4  Configure a Network Policy Server Infrastructure

4.2  Configure NPS policies

4.3  Configure Network Access Protection (NAP)

5  Configure and Manage Active Directory

5.1  Configure service authentication

5.3  Maintain Active Directory

6  Configure and Manage Group Policy

6.1  Configure Group Policy processing

6.3  Manage Group Policy objects (GPOs)

6.4  Configure Group Policy preferences

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    just wanted to flag that the info from section 1.3 appears to have also been copied into section 1.2

  • 0ea3ff87-fe1b-46dd-849b-fe35df1a7d78

    Thanks for the heads up, Micheal - it should be fixed now :)

  • Kimmo Akkanen

    At the end of the video James Seymour hopes that everyone takes 70-410 stating it's the 2nd exam in towards MCSA - shouldn't he state 70-411? :-)

  • Mohamed Rezk

    hi all,

    i try to find the related virtual labs for this exam @

    i found some related labs but i want a list of the related labs can any one help me please ????


  • Matt T

    It's really too bad the 2012 R2 versions of the official Microsoft Press books are not slated to be released until 4-5 months after the R2 material is being included on the exams.

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    is there any one who wants to be my study partner 90days each exam email me on

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    Hi i just passed 70-410 exam but i am looking in buy the book for 70-411 and the book hasnt been released until June 2014. Does any one about any material that can be used to study for the exam.

  • Christian McGhee

    FYI  NOW the course has gone to version 20411D for classroom training.

  • Obed Tetteh

    Taking it step-by-step!

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