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349: Windows OS Fundamentals

Preparation Tools and Resources

Search here for prep resources for specific exam topics and add any exam prep resources that you have found helpful in preparing for this exam.

General preparation material

Learning plans and classroom training


Prep resources by objective

1  Understanding Operating System Configurations

1.1  Configure Control Panel options

  • Configuring administrative tools; configuring accessibility options

1.2  Configure desktop settings

  • Configuring gadgets, profiles, display settings, shortcuts, and Aero configurations and capabilities

1.3  Understand native applications and tools

  • Understanding Windows Internet Explorer, the snipping tool, Windows Media Player, Windows Media Center, and MSCONFIG

1.4  Understand mobility

  • Understanding Sync Center, Windows Mobility Center, and Remote Desktop

1.5  Understand remote management and assistance

  • Understanding MMC and Windows PowerShell

2  Installing and Upgrading Client Systems

2.1  Identify Windows operating system editions

  • Identifying system requirements; using PC Upgrade Advisor

2.2  Identify upgrade paths

  • Identifying upgrade paths from Windows XP, Windows Vista, and other operating systems; identifying application compatibility

2.3  Understand installation types

  • Understanding removable media installations (DVD, ZTI, LTI, and USB), cloud and network installations, and product identification keys

2.4  Understand virtualized clients

  • Understanding Windows XP Mode, Remote Desktop, and Remote Desktop Services

3  Managing Applications

3.1  Understand application installations

  • Understanding local vs. network applications, Group Policy, and application removal

3.2  Understand user account control (UAC)

  • Understanding standard user vs. administrative user; understanding types of UAC prompts and levels

3.3  Remove malicious software

  • Understanding Windows Defender, Action Center, the Malicious Software Removal tool, Windows Registry, and Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection

3.4  Understand services

  • Understanding service start-up types, service accounts, and service dependencies

3.5  Understand application virtualization

  • Understanding Med-V and VDI

4  Managing Files and Folders

4.1  Understanding file systems

  • Understanding FAT, FAT32, NTFS, and 32 bit vs. 64 bit

4.2  Understand file and print sharing

  • Understanding NTFS and share permissions, HomeGroup, print drivers, and effective permissions; creating public, basic, and advanced shares; mapping drives

4.3  Understand encryption

  • Understanding BitLocker, encrypting file systems (EFS), and compression

4.4  Understand libraries

  • Understanding offline files, adding multiple local locations to a library, adding networked locations

5  Managing Devices

5.1  Connect devices

  • Connecting plug-and-play devices; connecting and disconnecting printers; installing third-party software for devices

5.2  Understand storage

  • Understanding disk types (NTFS, FAT, etc.), security (encryption), storage device types (eSATA, USB, USB 2.0, IEEE 1394, iSCSI), storage drive types (basic, primary, extended, logical, dynamic disk, VHDs), and cloud storage (Windows Live OneDrive, OneNote to OneDrive, Live mesh)

5.3  Understand printing devices

  • Understanding local printers, network printers, print queues, print-to-file, and Internet printing

5.4  Understand system devices

  • Understanding video, audio, and infrared input devices; understanding Device Manager

6  Understanding Operating System Maintenance

6.1 Understand backup and recovery methods

  • Understanding local, online, and automated backup methods; understanding backup options; understanding System Restore, recovery boot options such as Last Known Good, and various Safe Mode options

6.2  Understand maintenance tools

  • Understanding Disk Defragmenter, Disk Cleanup, Task Scheduler, Action Center, and System Information

6.3  Understand updates

  • Understanding Windows updates, Microsoft updates, and hotfixes
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  • Michael J. Thomas

    This exam heavily focuses on the Windows 7 operating system as of last week when I took it.  There is plenty of material out there about it.  It should not take you to long to prepare for it.  It is a good starting point.  This test is easier than the A+ and the Windows 7 exam.  I took the exam to get a better understanding of some of the new entry exams.  I would encourage those that have not taken a Microsoft exam before to start out with this one.   Study the material on .  It is a very good resource.  I will posting more study material for exams on .  This exam also clears a class with WGU.  Good luck!

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