Good Book or Study Tools For 98-349

  • Been searching for a good book om 98-349 but didn't turn up any on Kindle and didnt' see much as far as a printed book goes. Even a good exam prep test may be goos for me as I know this stuff but don't want to take the test blindly. Any suggestions?


  • I'm using Sybex's Microsoft Windows Operating Essentials study guide to help me prepare for the exam.

    It's been really good so far, and the review questions at the end of each chapter helps to make sure that you were able to comprehend the material covered.

  • Thanks...I saw that one but didn't immediately see 98-349 associated with it. I will check it out.

    Quick question - Is there a Windows 8 MTA? Or just the Windows 7 one right now?

  • It's just on Windows 7 at the moment since most organizations are going to be embracing Windows 7 for now.

  • GMetrix has a suite of practice tests for the entire MTA series. For $75 you get two practices tests with 30 questions each for the following exams:

    •Developer Exams:

    ◦Exam 98-361: Software Development Fundamentals

    ◦Exam 98-362: Windows Development Fundamentals

    ◦Exam 98-363: Web Development Fundamentals

    ◦Exam 98-364: Database Administration Fundamentals

    ◦Exam 98-372: Microsoft .NET Fundamentals

    •IT Professional Exams:

    ◦Exam 98-365: Networking Fundamentals

    ◦Exam 98-366: Security Fundamentals

    ◦Exam 98-367: Windows Server Administration Fundamentals

    ◦Exam 98-349: Windows Operating System Fundamentals

  • Thanks!

  • How did you find the exam?

    Did Sybex help a lot?

  • u got a link tim lorge?

  • I agree, any links or information about books, or free material?

  • Have any of you tried Microsoft free downloads or their e-book links?

    I have browse a lot of titles on the site; and in the Microsoft Virtual Academy site.

    Don't know if this will help?

  • I just ordered that book as well as the server admin one.  Found them used on amazon for 20 a pop.

  • If you google prep material for 98-349 all these boooks should pop up in the search and take you to various sites selling the material. Amazon can have them used and at a savings. You tube has a line of videos to help out for this exam. Just look up Microsoft exam 98-349 and they will come up. They are not in order and not as indepth as i would like but they are helpful.

  • Google: Microsoft windows operating systems essentials pdf