070-246 Pre-requisities?

  • I have been using System center at work and would like to earn a certification in System center. I have no other Microsoft certifications but can I still directly write the 70-246 exam? Appreciate your help!


  • I heard that there might be an exam in the pipeline for just Scom 2012 rather than the 070-246.

    There is an exam just for 070-243 (Sccm)

    There was an exam for scom l believe for 2007 version of scom.

  • I would have to say No on the answer. What would be better is an exam very much like the sccm.

    Looking at most of the mock questions based on the  70-246 it seems that most are based on Orch, Service Manager, Sccm, DPM, Vmm.

    It would be nice if we had questions based around a general enquirys around scom rather than the other products.

    I agree that company's should address current technology and monitoring has started to become a cool, where as 10 years ago nobody was interested an there wasn't very many tools out on the market that would come close to scom. Another thing to remember is out of 100 company's in the UK for example not everybody uses the rest of the system centre products however Sccm and Scom and used the most in the UK.

    Both products in my eyes are great but I don't think we should have to learn all the rest within the product suite.