Microsoft 070-246 exam

  • Hello.

    I'm like alot of people having a family which can take alot of your time but I'm rising to the challenge and have set my goal in passing the 070-246 at the end of july.

    Some people would say that this is hard not having a lab but I'm going to give this a shot. I have been lucky to have worked with Operations Manager since the mom2005 days up until 2012 SP1

    The unleashed 2012 "Operations Manager" book which I read 3 times was pretty easy to read and also  the unleashed 2012 "System Center" book. 

    Learning one subject matter can be pretty tough however learning the rest of the system center material is another. I don't have a fancy lab 2012 R2 lab but have the time to read all of the updated 2012 R2 material covering VMM, SCORCH, SM, DPM, SCCM and last SCOM.  I have been lucky to work with Scom 2007 R2 and also 2012 SP1. I do have a scom 2007 R2 lab which does help to an extent.

    I have a couple of cbt courses covering 070-246 and 070-247 material which are nice to watch and brush up on certain area's and the availabe microsoft reading material is really helping.

    I'm probably going about this the wrong way and should have perhaps studied the 410,411,412 rather than 246 and 247 but I'm using scom at the moment and would like the 246 exam in the bag.

    I'll update my progress after the exam.

    P.S I really love the product so that's a huge plus.


  • Hi Andrew,

    Kudos to your efforts, strategies and your determination to get certify.

    If you have MCSA 2008, then you already have a pre-requisite for private cloud certification. However, MCSA 2012 is necessary, reading your discussion its shows that you do not really have time or cash for classroom training. Though you have great materials, but with all you get try to get exam dumps Q&A, add to your preparation, it will give you boost.

    Meanwhile, since you do not have any lab setup for this, I will still advice you to locate any physical boot camp or an instructor-led classroom where you can learn almost everything, include (hands-on) all your Labs.

    Learning this trade without labs, it's like theory and imagination without reality, while this age's solutions required more than that, make it real, be guided and do it yourself.

    Wishing you all success in your endeavor.



  • Thanks for the taking the time to read the posting. My overall aim is to become an MCT and perhaps teach either SCCM 2012 or SCOM 2012.  I love both products but have to say the Scom comes number one.  Having read several books and just recently started to work with Scom again 2007R2 I don see the benefits in 2012. I'm going to create my own web page and put tutorials on there for everyone. The reason being is that there are plenty of articles but none that would cover day to day "How do I do that" type of scenario. I'll keep everybody posted about the exam and also the website. Share the knowledge.  

  • Good choice,

    Wishing good success, it's achievable. I salute your courage.