• how long time it take to complete the 70-410 exam

  • studying or the actual exam?  I studied for about six weeks and the exam took about two hours.  I only studied for about three hours a day to let the info soak in and also used a lot of the online lab resources to get practical experience with the os.  hope that helps.

  • I used a MOC course and also a lot of training in the microsoft virtual academy. Also I downloaded the 180 days free version of windows server 2012 to study the server in a virtual environment. If you dont have the capacity to do this on your own PC, you can also go to the technet. There are a lot of labs with scenarios. This ones can be used for free. If you realy want to know the server you should use 6-8 Weeks. You must always think about the next certifications, cause if you learn the basics for the 410, you can use the same know how for the 411 and 412. You will dive in deeper if you step further to the MCSA.

  • I have studied for a long time, about 4-5 months, as I study 2x 3 hours a week and have a fulltime job.

    I used an Excelsheet with all the exam subjects, and every time I studied a module, I kept the Excelsheet up-to-date with training date and which module or lesson I took that day. It's also handy to keep track of your practice exam scores.

    This Excelsheet also includes my "study-timeline" of about 15 x 3 hours of study. I know its a lot of administration to keep track of this, but for me it's helpfull. It helped my working to the exam date. I set the exam date pretty early, so it gives me a good reason to study towards this day Big Smile

    One thing to keep in mind......after the 5 day course you are "quickly introduced" to all the exam topics, but you gain most knowledge studying.

    As I don't have a serverpark at home, I had great advantage of the Microsoft Technet Hands On Labs. This gives you a complete setup "cloud" with one or more 2012 servers and clients (Win8) to practice everything I have learned. You can use them for about 2 hours, and then re-use them the next time.

    Google and Youtube were also a great help to understand the "principles" of the exam subjects. I''m also using CBT Nuggets to study but after 1 hour listening to the "over enthousiastic and not so funny James Conrad" I almost fell asleep Tongue Tied

    I have good confidence in passing my 70-411 exam next week (Friday 19-SEP-2014) :) so wish me good luck !!

  • go ahead man... you can do it...