70-411 - What are Microsoft trying to do with this exam?

  • 411 is the first Microsoft exam I have failed after passing about 17 or so over the years.

    I found it strange that Microsoft have announced their intention to align exams with real-world scenarios - and yet in this exam I came across several questions that are clearly a long way off real-world.

    The trend seems to now favour people with a photographic memory but leave behind those who actually understand the technology and concepts.

    Yes I did use the comments section at the end of the exam to inform Microsoft of my thoughts, although this does feel like an entirely pointless exercise.

    Also, why is NAP still in the objectives when this feature is deprecated in R2?

    Microsoft - please sort this out.  The exams should be difficult in order to preserve the value of gaining certification, but this exam needs an overhaul and presumably similar types of questions will appear on other exams.  Microsoft exam team - please comment.  Don't point me to a link that says 'we consult with subject matter experts for exam questions...' because while that may be the case, more time needs investing in order to make it fair to engineers like myself who have years of experience and real-world skills, only to be undone on the exam because of what some expert considers to be relevant. 

  • The exam have moved away from real world scenarios its a joke. What absolutely gets my goat is exactly what you described - this exam favours memorisation and puts those without a photographic memory at a disadvantage even if you understand the concepts and technology.

  • I've seen a few examples of the questions you're referring to. Totally photographic memory questions. Did I understand the concepts, yes, would I be able to appropriately configure it in the real world, yes. Did I get the question correct? Probably not.