Resources for 70-411?

  • I just took the 70-411 today and did not pass. I scored a 591 out of 700. I used the Transcender practice exams (which were not updated for R2) and this website:

    I am looking for the right resources to bump up my score to passing. To those that have already passed this exam, what resources did you find most helpful?

    Any help would be most appreciated!

  • I just scheduled my 70-411 exam for March 27. I've passed 70-410 in early Feb and have been studying/preparing for 70-411 for the last month.

    These videos are a good starting place to introduce some of the material:

    But the CBT Nuggets are more in depth and are very well done:

    I have also been working through the examples in this book:

    Lastly I found the TechNet articles linked on this page are comprehensive and good for the nitty gritty details:

    I hope this helps, and good luck on your re-take!


    PS - Let us know if you find any other good resources.

  • Hi j.broscious,

    I just took the 70-411 exam and also did not pass. Oddly enough I received the same score as you (591). I found this to be somewhat disappointing considering the amount of time that I've spent studying and preparing for the exam.

    Many of the questions ask about very specific command line switches and detailed configuration options. I know this is what Microsoft exams are like based on my experience with 70-410, and I thought I was ready to go, but I guess I need to do some more work.

    Have you re-written the exam? Were you able to find any other useful resources?


  • Matt,

    I am about to take it again tomorrow. I went through all the links again from (referenced in my first post) much more slowly and gleaned a lot more material. I also went through Transcender practice exams again. The main thing that tripped me up the first time was the Network Services and Access...VPNs aren't my thing.

    Good luck to you and me!


  • I just passed the 70-410 last week and am beginning to prep for 70-411.  My plan was to use the Pluralsight/Trainsignal videos as a starting point (including viewing 412 and reviewing 410 again)--however this doesn't include the R2 material.    

    I also have a Safari Books Online subscription so I was planning to work through O'Reilly Exam Prep and Training Guide: Administering Windows Server 2012--however these do not include R2 material either.  For each section in these books (I was planning to work through similar sections in both books together), I planned to reconcile this information with the links on the 70-411 Wiki (  Specifically, toward the end of the page, under the short video, there are a bunch of suggested links to prep for the content in the various subject areas.  I figured I would cover my R2 content with these links. 

    Like I said, I am just beginning my prep for 411.  After my experience with 70-410--I thought I was more prepared, but only passed with a 720, I realized that I need more hands-on experience with PowerShell.  Also, just need more time in the test lab.

    Good luck!