Fail Exam yesterday

  • Hello all,

    Well I failed the exam test yesterday. Since it's my very first cert I tried since i started I.T work . I failed not by a lot i think. 700/445. The only issue I had was some of the question i knew the answers too were not in the question...  I read online before that it's different the material you read and the exam it self. 

    I am going to study some more since they gave me a sheet of paper showing me what my strong points and weak points were. I know that will help me but I know the questions will be different the next time around. 

    One more thing thank you all for showing me and sharing info for taking the test. I was very nervous on taking the exam like i said it was my very first time. Didn't know what to expect now that I know i will not be so nervous next time. 

    If anyone of you have failed in the pass what studying did you do? I was planning to delete all my vm and start all over on setting them up and stuff. 

    For now I'm going to take a day or 2 days off then start again. 

    Thanks once again.

  • The thing is that you have been given a bench mark to work on which is a positive thing.

    So you can now not just work on your strongest area's but the weak ones also.

    Give yourself 2 weeks no more as you may fall into the trap of well it's two weeks away and this can sometimes lead taking your eye off the exam.

    You will pass this you just need to focus.

    Let us know how you get on.

    Best wishes


  • Thank you very much. I'm going to take your advice. Right now I'm trying to figure out if I should start all over with the book i have or find other book to read. I deleted all my vms so I will start to build the lab once again.

    One of my friends gave me "installing and configuring windows server 2012" lab manual that he had. I guess he bought it and never used it because he's job changed to security. I guess I could follow that and see how that goes.

    Do you think it's a good idea on going over the same book again or try other one?

    If anyone else has any advice please let me know on how what material to study.

  • Don't feel too bad Louie.  I took the 70-410 back in the end of April without realizing that there was updated info for R2 and failed.  I had a free retake, and took it two weeks later and failed again because as I sat to take the test, I saw the words "This test covers items in Server 2012 R2", and realized that there was a whole section of the exam that I didn't study for.  

    I finally passed it after I got caught up with the R2 material.  This book was very helpful:

    It isn't meant to be a full course book, rather a book that you can read a week before you take the exam to freshen up.  The CBT Nuggets course is always really good and you can event get some good free videos here:

  • Thank you for the help. I did buy that book, and studied it before my exam. But I still didn't pass it. I guess I need to go over the book again. I didn't watch the cbt on it even thow i have access to them. I'm taking a long break to take the exam. Towards the end of the month i will be taking it ... in the mean time I bought the " Mastering windows server 2012 r2" ... this book is soooo big and the sections on are all over the place since this book is not setup for just the 70-410 exam...

    Wish there was some kind of layout for this book on what sections you need to study. Any other good advice you might think let me know.

  • i have 70-410R2 book in PDF format , i liked it alot but its not full at all .. i advice you to look for braindumps or other stuff ..

    Do you remember any of the questions? I heard many questions regarding GPO and hyp-v?

    Did you have a question regarding Azure?

  • Well on the test what I remember was GPO and hyper-v ... bitlocker, and applocker  but no azure question that I could remember. You're right the 70-410 book doesn't have everything in it... That's why I have the mcsa from sybex that has all 3 cert in it. BUt the only thing is that it's the updated R2 one. For that I will have to look at certain sections up that had the R2. Not to many but i think it's a good start. Would be nice to find the pdf file for this book

  • Thanks for the reply ,

    you mean that you have this book? :

  • Well I was talking about the updated one that has the R2 updates.

  • Congratulations first of all for your first experience on Microsoft Certifications.

    Im having my first exam (70-410) in a month i hope.

    Im preparing with this book: Exam Ref 70-410: Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 R2


  • Well good luck on passing the exam. I been trying to figure out which book to study now. I did use the xam Ref 70-410: Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 R2 book but felt it was missing some stuff since in the exam it was asking about bitlocker applock and some other stuff.

    Is there the only book you are doing plus what lab set did you do?

  • Louie, I didn’t see any Bitlocker questions when I took the 70-410. Look for the 70-410_OD_R2.docx online and it will tell you what the latest exam covers.  I used it to determine what R2 material I needed to freshen up on.

    Bitlocker is covered on the 70-411 exam under “Configuring File and Print Services”.

    The “Mastering windows server 2012 r2" appears to be a good book, but rather massive, if you are just looking to knockout the 70-410 exam.  I wanted to note that I also used the Sybex book to prepare myself for the 70-410, but you are shooting yourself in the foot if you are using it as a reference for the new exam, because though I am sure it was a great book for the old exam, the material is pretty much outdated.  For example, snapshots are now called checkpoints, and you are able to delete old checkpoints and free up disk space without have to turn off the VMs now.  This is new to R2, and the info in the Sybex book is now wrong.  The updated Sybex book for R2 is due out in November I think.  Do yourself a favor and save yourself a headache by only reading updated material.  That certainly made the difference for me.

  • I think this is a good guide:

  • @

    Thank you very much for the advice. I think you're right it's a very large book and some info looks old plus the chapters they tell you to read are missing the material. My boss did buy me "Master windows server 2012 r2" book from sybex. Now that one i believe it's a update one.

    If you don't mind me asking but what material did you use to study for your exam? I'm running into a problem on finding good material and following it. I guess I learn better following material that starts from the bottom up. Just like in school they tell you follow the instruction and move forward. That's how I learn ..Not jumping all around I get lost some times like that. Any good advice or feedback would be awesome...

    I know It's a lot to ask but I would like to pass this damm exam already...

  • I used a lot of videos…. I started with the CBT Nuggets course (but it was outdated, and I ended up having to watch the videos on the new R2 features).  I watched the TrainSingnal courses, but they weren't as in-depth and the CBT Nuggets course.  I watched the Microsoft Virtual Academy videos on Windows Server 2012 R2 (these were VERY helpful).

    I watched videos on the new Virtual Switch features.  I watched some other videos on Hyper-V on Channel9.  As I mentioned, I used the Sybex book, but realized it was giving me wrong, outdated info (I followed the material closely during my second shoot and my score actually dropped because I followed the book and it was outdated). If you used the Sybex book and it was outdated, I guarantee it hurt you.  Nothing against the book, I like it, but a lot of the material is wrong and outdated with R2.  It hurt me during my first 2 tries.  I bet if it was updated, I would have passed it on my 1st try.  I am looking forward to the new book coming out.  

    I read Tech-Net articles on the new Hyper-V features. I bought the 70-410 exam reference book.  I thought it was actually quite useful.  I understood that it was never mean to be an all-inclusive book, rather something you would read a week or so before you took your exam to help polish you up.  I took a lot of notes on stuff I didn’t know and/or got wrong on the videos, books and exams.  

    I setup a test lab where I played with Server Core and PowerShell.  There is no getting around PowerShell, they had multiple questions on it…

    Finally, I have experience as a Sys Admin, so I already knew about a lot of things, like Group Policy.  Good luck...