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    Seeing as I currently am progressing in system engineering skills, I want to get certified by Microsoft as a MCSA.

    I already noticed that the presentations of PluralSight are told to be good material, but not exactly for studying use. I also found 2 e-books, the training and exam ref  by Craig Zacker. What's the difference between these 2 ebooks?

    Do you have other suggestions to use as study material?

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  • i also want

  • Hi Guys.. I am also going for 70 410 exam...We all are in the same boat :)

    There is so much material available on the net.. Microsoft is doing an excellent job....

    You must order 70 410 R2 Exam Reference Book. I ordered mine last week from Amazon and will be delivered next week.. All get CBT Nuggets and TrainSignal videos if you can as I downloaded them :)

    plz visit www. for tons of info...

  • Hello everyone! I am really interested in get this certification and would like to see if you can help with some information as I see you have more knowledge about it. Do we need to have a bachelor degree and/or something similar as a pre-requirement? I read that one of you have ordered on of the books by Amazon.  So buying the book for study, watching some videos you think will be enough to take the exam? I have checked some classes but they are really expensive!!

  • hi Aamir,

    I have 70 410 ebook but not 70 410 R2 Exam. Guess exams wud come from 70 410 R2 Exam.

    wud u mind sharing the ebook if you have.


    What other book would be ok to study guys?

  • I agree with Aamir with using CBT Nuggets.  They were EXTREMELY helpful in getting my CCNA.  I am also a firm believer in labs, they just make everything you learn more real.

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  • Both are excellent preparation material. If you have not done a Microsoft certification yet, I would recommend a training kit.  See this blogpost, for more information about what difference is between a training kit and a exam ref, it was created by Microsoft Press, when Exam-Ref's were introduced/announced.

    Announcing the Exam Ref series from Microsoft Press

    What also might help in your journey for getting a Microsoft certification, is the wiki. I'm the moderator of those wiki's:

    Server Certification Study Group - Wiki

    Good luck with studying for your exams!

  • Hey Everyone!

    I've recently started studying for my MCSA in Windows Server 2012 R2 as well. Saw that Microsoft put together this Born to Learn campaign and I think it's a great idea to get like minded people like all of us together.

    As far as the training material goes, the main difference I see between the Exam Ref and the Training Guide is that the training guide is more of a lab exercise book. There a lot of useful practical exercises in there that will teach you how to implement the theory you have learnt from the Exam ref book.

    Although in my opinion, I don't think these books are enough. I've brought myself a full Windows Server 2012 book. I went for the Mastering Windows Server 2012 R2 book by Mark Minasi. It's great as it goes into everything indepth, has a lot of PowerShell examples and gives you a full breakdown of server features rather than just the stuff you need for the exam.

    There's also loads of youtube videos describing various server features in detail. Happy studying everyone!

  • No degree required. You can certify after dropping out of middle school if you want. You can go to school and take classes for it, but even after you pass the class, you won't be certified.

    You can study on your own too. No classes are required but if that's the environment that you learn best in, it may be worth it. If you can learn at home, you'll save money.

    To get certified, you just pay for and take the exams. Pass the exams required for the certification and you are certified.

    I've watched videos from both Infinite Skills and CBT Nuggets and found both very helpful. YouTube has a ton of videos on each exam topic too. However, all the studying in the world won't be nearly as valuable as doing it yourself. That's why I recommend downloading the software you're using from Technet as a trial and using that for your studying. Being able to actually walk through the steps yourself is invaluable.

    Hope this helps!

  • Hey, and a good question right there.

    I am currently holding MCSE (Private Cloud, Share Point, and sever infrastructure),  MCSD (Share Point Developer),  I am still studying towards MCSD Windows Store App Using C# and I am only 20 years old now.

    And I have never been in University, only college. What I am trying to say is. Don't be scared of the exam, just go through this microsoft videos, read every free microsoft book it release, Build your own LAB, Download software (trials) just so that you can have a hands on experience about what books tells you, go CrAzE and believe in yourself.... YOU WILL MAKE IT!!!

    Hope I have answered your question.

  • Naa mate, a good book and a few video tutorials are pretty much all you need. I just got my Cisco CCNA and I started out going to college in the evenings for this which was very expensive, so I just got a book from Amazon and watched YouTube video's to make things clear to me. There is soooo much material on line that going to classes and the like is a serious waste of time and money. Hope this helps.....

  • Since you bought mastering windows server 2012 r2 book which sections did you study for the exam? There is so much , plus I tried to match things up with the outline of the 70-410... Some stuff is all over the place. Any help with this book would be awesome if you have it or remember it.