Writing 70-410 in a week, What to Expect?

  • Hi Guys I am writing my exam in a weeks time just want to know what type questions are asked, how they are asked.

    I am using CBT nuggets and working off a PDf doc.

    Where can I get a practise exam?

  • You need to setup a trial version of Server 2012 R2 and practice the lab exercises to pass.   Without this CBT nuggets will only help about 20% of what you need to know.   I also suggest following the 70-410 Wiki and reading all the TechNet instructions.  

    I am planning to study hard for 6- 8 weeks, already have a lab setup.

  • What kind of lab do you have setup? Do you have a tutorial on how you set up the lab? You have the url for wiki?

  • Hi.

    See this challenge, it is very useful