Lab Setup Advice for 70-410 Exam

  • Hi, I'm aware that this may have been answered many times, but am just looking for some advice please....

    I've decided to do my MCSA in Server 2012 this year and am looking to start setting up a lab so that I can test and prep for the 70-410 exam (and also so that it can be used for the other 2 exams). I have a Windows 8.1 machine with 8GB RAM and a 500GB Hard Drive. What would you suggest be an ideal setup to have? I'm most likely going to use Client Hyper-V so that I can do some bits at work aswell (it's a work laptop), but I'll have it as dual boot if needed.

    There looks to be so many different opinions on what lab to have set up for the 70-410, that I don't know which is best, hopefully someone here can pin me in the right direction!

    Any help would be appreciated



  • Hi Paul,

    This might be what you are looking for.

    Personally I've used VMware workstation 10 to setup the VMs.

  • Hi, thanks for the reply, I'll give that a go

    Appreciate your help!

  • Also, for what its worth.  You could also use which is free.  Who doesn't love free?  :)

  • Hi DT,

    I am also at the early stages of preparing towards doing the 70-410 exam and i found the guide to setting up the test lab very handy.

    Thanks for that

  • Hey Ronnie Markenzie Sakai where did you find the guide for the lab? Let me know if you have time.


  • I shared how I setup my labs on my blog post of my journey to MCSE here:

  • I have used Vmware Workstation 10 and the lab setup from this video I have taught many classes using this method. I can suggest that you install an SSD drive as fast VM storage and only use it for VM storage. The lab setup worked really well for me and I use a similar setup at work to repro problems.

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