• Please help I have been studying for the 70-410 exam with various 70-410 books which are very good. (For the last few weeks) I have been told that there maybe a new version of the exam (70-410) for R2 is this correct ?

    Should I stop studying the old exam 70-410 (non r2) and wait for the new exam/books to change ...... I am very confused.

    Please help as I need to study further.


  • There's a lot of people in the same boat.  I among them. I was wondering, why doesn't someone (or Microsoft) just slap together a book or .pdf with all the TechNet and KB articles relating to server 2012 and 2012R2?  More digging I found this:

    Scroll down to the Windows Server Section and choose the Windows Server 2012/2012R2 TechNet Library Documentation or just follow this link:

    Its a HUGE .pdf, (the first 340 some odd pages are just the table of contents...) but I'm sure you can choose the topics in it that relate to the objectives of the exam, and it should be updated/relevant to R2.  Make sure you read:

    as it has the changes to the exam in respect to R2.  Have a lot of Excedrin handy too.

    Now that I've looked at it, I'm sure if you read this entire file in and out, you could probably be prepared for the Microsoft Certified Solutions God exam if there was one.  o.0

    Hope this helps anyone out there looking for something to look at.

    Anyways, I'll be going through this for sure, as I, like many out there, don't think the Exam Refs are worth anything but generalized information


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  • Thanks for that information Mark :0)

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  • The most recent MICROSFT study guide for 70-410 is the MOC prep guide and the C version is out already coz i saw on a presentation i am having the B version, PLEASE anybody having the C version will be grateful having it


  • Thank you Mark for the info

  • I heard a rumor that most if not all of the R2 updates are for the 70-411 and 70-412 examx. The 70-410 really has not changed.

  • Hi,

    Starting in January 2014, the questions on this exam will include content covering Windows Server 2012 R2.

    I've been looking for books but there are not any yet.

    This Exam Ref book is due out on the 28th February

    Other than that this one is not due out until 30th April


  • Thanks Michael for the new information :())

  • In the past I've used Digital books from Oreilly.  The cool thing about having the digital, is that they update the ebook... they just updated MSPress 70-410 Exam Ref on Feb 4th....but no R2....they are listing another title: ... release date is this month.

    Or since I'm a MCT, attend a class...we're teaching all the updated courses already! ;-)


  • They are not clear whether they have done with OS or need to add some more features as they keep on changing the OS version and keep us on hanging. By the time you finish and reach the exam center there will be R3 exam. When I gave NT4.0 exam all exam material and exam syllabus was fixed and it did not change till the NT4 expire. We put so much effort to study but they keep on changing makes us unhappy.

  • Yep. Brand new book for this one. Which sucks. Instead of being a $5 ebook upgrade, its another $20.00 or so.

    I would have preferred to see this as a new exam or at least keep the books in the same series and just make it a 2nd edition. Not sure what's going to happen with the update 1 in the spring. 

  • hie guys im need your assistance since i need to seat prepare exam 710 kindly assist on the material that can assist me. Propose exam date is  2May 2014