Create storage pools by using disk enclosures

  • Hi.

    I'm studying for my 70-410 exam. I intend to take the exam in Jan, so I need to know about R2. Reviewing the document that highlights the changes, I'm confused as to what

    "Create storage pools by using disk enclosures"

    means. I am aware that there is the SSD/HDD storage tier in R2. I'm also thinking disk enclosures are the old MSA30/60s that HP have.

    Can someone shed some light or an article on how you do this (preferably in a hyper V lab environment).


  • Hi,

    If the device supports storage pools it should be possible.You have to check with the vendor if they support it.

    Check this out how storage pools work:


    Guido van Brakel

  • Perhaps I'm approaching this from the wrong end. Is it fair to say that disk enclosures or clustered storage spaces were available in Windows 2012, and they have only added the requirement to know about them for the exam in the R2 revision.

    I was looking for a new feature that only exists in R2 and coming up short.

    From what I'm reading its way to have SAN like performance with out paying for a SAN (assuming you only have 1 or 2 physical servers to connect to).

    Please correct any mistakes I'm making!

  • Hi just wondering did you sit your 70-410 exam yet?  im due to take mine Friday and like yourself am struggling to find any info about these new R2 features.

    Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated

  • It might be a bit late, but I've found some info on this subject.

    When using an internal hard drive inside an external enclosure, if the hard drive fails and the external enclosure is still operational, you can replace the the internal hard drive and perform the procedure for "Replacing A Physical Hard Drive In A Two-Way-Mirrored "Storage Space".

    If the external enclosure fails and the internal hard drive is still operational, you can provide the internal hard drive with a replacement external enclosure. However, the "Storage Space" will fail to recognize the data files and folders on the internal hard drive and you will have to perform the procedure for "Replacing A Physical Hard Drive In A Two-Way- Mirrored "Storage Space".

    When you create a two-way- mirrored "Storage Space" and one drive enclosure fails or one hard drive fails, still-functional hard drive(s) will only work (as part of a degraded "Storage Space", if you use the original hard drive

    enclosures were part of the original "Storage Space".