Do I need Server R2 updated training material to pass my MCSA 70-410

  • I was approved for a training program for MCSA Server 2012 through WIA in California The school I am enrolled with has only given me the book MCSA complete study guide by William Panek. See Link

    They have also given me the the Test Out course for the 70-410  exam online course from early 2013,no R2 updates in it.. 

     None of the material given to me has any R2 updates in it .

     I took the test and failed  last week and am concerned that not having any of the new training with R2  effected my score.

    The company states  that I do not need the R2 training and should have been able to pass without it.

     I have a free retake an need to know what I should study before taking the test again.

     Is the school correct that you do not need to study the R2 changes to pass the exam.?

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    I know they updated the exams in February and I feel I should have had the updated material before I took the test.

    Thank You.


  • Check out

  • Yes, you need to catch up on R2.  I had the same problem, I didn't study for the updated R2 material and failed.  It wasn't until I did the retake that I realize that it had R2 question on it, and I failed that as well... Didn't have any idea on the new Hyper-V R2 features.

  • I didn't use the updated book but complemented it with updated information from TechNet and others and passed the exam.

  • Yes, you do. I have tried to keep my blog of my MCSE journey up-to-date with the changes if you'd like to take a look:

  • Thnaks Ben ! your bolg is a great source of info !

  • Now if you took the exam and failed should you stick with the book you have or go with other book? I have the most current book from Craig zacker r2 version... Should I start reading it again?

  • Morning \ Evening depending where you are.

    I looked at Bens site which is pretty good for reference etc..

    Ben's right as there is plenty of material out there to help.

    I'm going to take the challenge and see if I can gain the MCSA in less days than Ben.

    I was studying for the 070-246 however I'm looking at changing roles as the contract market is changing from 2008 R2 server to (2012 or 2012R2) on most products however the other material 70-410,11,12 this will help somewhat.

    I'm using cbt nuggets and just resources found on the Microsoft site.

    When I passed the SCCM 2012 exam I used the unleashed book and again material found on the Microsoft site.

    I'll keep you posted.

    First exam in 10 days (I'll wait and see)

    Keep up the good blogs Ben.

  • Well how did it go on your exam ?

  • I failed the first time with a 520, then spent the next 30 days using the


    They have a free measure up test as part of the monthly $25.00 subscription and a virtual sand box

    to do Labs in.

      I passed with a 780 on 2nd try.

  • Right now i'm in the process of studying once again and seeing how it goes. My plan is to take it at  Oct 3rd hopefully that's enough time. I just need to program my brain once again to only work on this exam and not worry about other thing at the moment.