No response from to my report of braindump site (company is located in Leipzig/Germany). It's been over 6 weeks now.

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    There is ZERO response from to my report of braindump site (company is located in Leipzig/Germany). It's been over 6 weeks now.

    Not even an acknowledgement of receipt.

    Copy/paste from their website:

    Microsoft Zertifizierungen 070-410

    Detailinformationen zu dieser Unterlage


    Prüfungsname:(Deutsche Version,Englische Version) Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012


    Anzahl:336 Q&As


    I think this is very disturbing.


  • Perhaps this post will acknowledge your email;

  • By the way the email address is not but

  • The email-adress is recommended at  where it says "The function of TCTips is to report violations such as people or organizations selling braindumps, indivduals who have cheated on their exam, test centers or training centers who are not enforcing our security standards or who are facilitating cheaters, etc. You can learn more about that here."

    So, the email adress seems to be correct - even if its not (very maybe), it can't take 6 weeks to forward an email within a single company.

    I stopped reporting german braindump sites around 2009 or 2010, even german sites are still active. Take your own best guess what is happening or not happening.

  • The braindump sellers even make their advertisements in communities participating in the CLIP-program. Probably the admins get a nice share of the profits.

    The email-adress is confirmed to be correct at which is "Proposed as answer by Horizon_NetMVP, Editor Thursday, May 16, 2013 4:18 PM - Marked as answer by martinchambers Friday, May 17, 2013 7:21 PM" . it says ". If you see a web site that appears to be a brain dump, or you see other potential violations of Microsoft's exams, you are encouraged to send an email to This email alias is monitored by the anti-piracy team. "

    Probably Microsoft does not want to litigate in '3rd-world-countries without a proper police or court system' like germany. Microsoft has their money before entering the test center - defending the honor of the exam is the responsibilty of the community. Really?