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Developer Certification Exam Prep Resources

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485: Advanced Windows Store App Development using C#

Preparation Tools and Resources

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General preparation material

Prep resources by objective

2 Discover and Interact with Devices

3 Program User Interaction

3.1 Implement printing by using contracts and charms

3.2 Implement Play To by using contracts and charms

3.3 Notify users by using Windows Push Notification Service (WNS)

4 Enhance the User Interface

4.2 Create animations and transitions

4.4 Design Windows Store apps for globalization and localization


5 Manage Data and Security

5.1 Design and implement data caching

5.2 Save and retrieve files from the file system

5.3 Secure app data


6 Prepare for a Solution Deployment

6.1 Design and implement trial functionality in an app

6.2 Design for error handling

6.3 Design and implement a test strategy

6.4 Design a diagnostics and monitoring strategy

6.5 Evaluate and configure for Windows store deployment