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486: Developing ASP.NET 4.5 MVC Web Applications

Preparation Tools and Resources

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General preparation material

1 Design the Application Architecture

1.1 Plan the application layers

1.2 Design a distributed application

1.5 Design a caching strategy

2 Design the User Experience

2.1 Apply the user interface design for a web application

Create and apply styles by using CSS, structure and lay out the user interface by using HTML, implement dynamic page content based on a design

2.2 Design and implement UI behavior

Implement client validation, use JavaScript and the DOM to control application behavior, extend objects by using prototypal inheritance, use AJAX to make partial page updates, implement the UI by using JQuery

2.3 Compose the UI layout of an application

Implement partials for reuse in different areas of the application, design and implement pages by using Razor templates (Razor view engine), design layouts to provide visual structure, implement master/application pages

2.4 Enhance application behavior and style based on browser feature detection

Detect browser features and capabilities; create a web application that runs across multiple browsers and mobile devices; enhance application behavior and style by using vendor-specific extensions, for example, CSS

2.5 Plan an adaptive UI layout

Plan for running applications in browsers on multiple devices (screen resolution, CSS, HTML), plan for mobile web applications

3 Develop the User Experience

3.1 Plan for search engine optimization and accessibility


3.2 Plan and implement globalization and localization

3.3 Design and implement MVC controllers and actions

3.4 Design and implement routes

3.5 Control application behavior by using MVC extensibility points

3.6 Reduce network bandwidth

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4 Troubleshoot and Debug Web Applications

4.1 Prevent and troubleshoot runtime issues

4.2 Design an exception handling strategy

4.3 Test a web application

4.4 Debug a Windows Azure application

Collect diagnostic information by using Azure Diagnostics API and appropriately implement on demand versus scheduled; choose log types (for example, event logs, performance counters, and crash dumps); debug an Azure application by using IntelliTrace, Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), and remote debugging; interact directly with remote Azure websites using Server Explorer.


5 Design and Implement Security

5.1 Configure authentication

5.2 Configure and apply authorization

5.3 Design and implement claims-based authentication across federated identity stores

5.4 Manage data integrity

5.5 Implement a secure site with ASP.NET

  • Shaun Luttin

    I am glad to see that others are contributing to this Wiki. Hooray!

  • Melvin Canafranca

    I hope we can complete the links come the end of November. :)

  • Kamran Shahid

    Isn't it realated to MVC 4 ?

    There isn't MVC 4.5 [yes .net 4.5 but not MVC 4.5]

  • Mackson de Oliveira

    Very good

  • Christopher Reed - MCT

    Shahid, note that the 4.5 is associated with ASP.NET and not with MVC.  Under ASP.NET 4.5, you can use either MVC 4 or MVC 5.

  • Mouad Cherkaoui

    thanks for the study guide and the wiki contributors :)

  • Harpreet

    I am planing for MCSD with following exam.

    1 Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3

    2 Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications

    3 Developing Microsoft Azure and Web Services

    Can I start with any exam(mentioned above)  or I have to follow the sequence ?

  • AnnzsKrish

    Passed 70-486 exam during the weekend.  this study guide was really helpful, Thx

  • Mark

    @Harpreet  I'd strongly recommend going in order. The exams mimic the natural order in which you would need to learn these technologies. AKA You wouldn't concern yourself with razor syntax before understanding HTML and CSS, nor would you want to tackle optimizations such as bundling, minifying, and implementing SignalR before knowing anything about JavaScript. So take them in order if you can.

  • Barış Çapraz

    We made Asp.Net sample archive on

    is there anyone to help us

  • Nick Kirk

    Is the "Building Hybrid Applications in the Cloud on Windows Azure" article need to be completed in its entirety to pass this exam? Its got a 400 pg book attached to it. Thanks

  • Vilius

    "Real World: Startup Lifecycle of Windows Azure Role"

    Link no longer working.

    "Tutorial: Getting Started with SignalR and MVC 4"

    That link is also no longer working and i guess it should be replaced with this one:

    Tried to revise the wiki, but couldn't find how to do that..

  • Raman Gill

    I passed my exam 70-480.In order to prepare for 70-486, do I need to learn c# first.


    Hi Raman Gill ,

    Do you have dumps for exam 70-480? I have for 70-486. I passed before 10 days.

  • LCof

    We use JavaScript and the DOM to control application behavior, extend objects by using prototypal inheritance, use AJAX to make partial page updates, implement the UI by using JQuery @

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