#ALM - 70-496/497/498

  • Hi. New to MVA Site/Community. Searching for those aiming at Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) via Tests 70-496/497 and 498.


  • Hi there,

    I already did the 70-496.

    I must say the best resources are the MVA courses on those exams.

    70-496 was one of the hardest exams I ever did

  • Did you have any prior experience with administerung tfs?

  • Hey guys, also going for certification.  Anyone know of any good Practice exams?  I've searched a bit on the net and there's a bunch of them, just not sure which one to choose.  The MVA courses are really good, just not sure if its enough.

  • I'm curious where you found them - I've been looking on Kaplan and the other companies, and NOBODY seems to have any :-(  

    I have about 3 years working with TFS administration, customization, and ALM, so it would be great to get a reality-check of what I actually know versus what they're going to be testing for...

  • I haven't seen any reliable sources (i.e. Kaplan, etc) for practice tests. There are a few on slideshare and such, and I can confirm question are similar to the exam ones.

    Honestly 99% of questions on there were covered in the MVA jumpstart. If you take a week and run through the jumpstart and reinforce with MSDN you should be golden. Make sure you cover the specifics mainly the command line tools mentioned in MVA (difference between "tf workspace" and "tf workspaces" came up about 3 -5 times)

    Overall though I was surprised how little information they had on this test compared to others online. It seems outside of MSDN and MVA there is nothing. I don't know if this is because it's a difficult test or because it's not popular.

    PS: A good suggestion is setup a cluster on Azure maybe, if you have an MSDN subscription they have the Visual Studio 2012 machines which are quick to spin up and are fully setup. Just play with various scenarios, multi-tier config, availability cluster (although I don't remember one question regarding this), Proxy, SQL & Sharepoint configs. There were I think 10 questions about Proxy, another 5-10 about Build. Lab management was maybe 3 questions.

  • Hi,

    I am planning to Take up this exam next month. any good suggestion ?

  • Hi All,

    I'm planning to take this exam-497(Software Testing with Visual Studio ) on this year(2015) and i still have not done exam-496(Administering Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server).

    Do i have to pass exam-496 before taking  exam-497?

  • How many questions have the exam 70-497?