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    This will be my first cert exam and I would like to know if I have the right track for resources. I am reading the Wrox Cert toolkit for 70-483 and I have watched the Jump Start videos at the Virtual Academy.  Is there a good place to find practice tests to see where I need to focus?  Any other resources I may have overlooked?

    Really want to do good on this one.




  • Have you tried ?

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  • In theory, there are only 2 official vendors for practice tests. These are Self Test Software ( ) and MeasureUp ( ). As of now, only MeasureUp has a practice test for 483 ( ). I have not used that practice test, so I won't vouch for its quality. However, I have used them in the past and will say that they are, as a whole, pretty good.

  • I can "pile on" and also say that MeasureUp has great quality in their practice exams.  The only issue with practice tests is that they are always quite delayed to market but I assume that's the nature of the business.  Pluralsight is great for learning but to it does cost money (just like MeasureUp).

    I sometimes suggest the C# Fundamentals series on Channel9.  It's not exactly exam prep, but it does cover a lot of the language features and may help fill in any gaps in your knowledge about the language.  If nothing else, it could make you feel more confident going into the exam.

  • you can watch Bob tabor lectures from MVA . it will help you . and also download the following book

    Exam reference book



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  • and here is the link of bob tabor vidoe lecture

  • this site offers really good practice exams for 70-483 completely free