Exam Ref 70-487 Developing Azure and Web Services TestDB

  • Hi,

    I am studying for the Azure exam (70-487) and purchased the exam ref text. The examples are using a database called TestDb and page 14 notes that one should have this installed before moving on. Further, it notes that configuring the DB was mentioned earlier in the chapter, but I can't find anything related to it.

    Does anyone know of where one can download this TestDB? Of course I could create my own, but if the examples in the book expect a particular schema (which is likely), it would be great to have the actual sample database being used.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • It's been awhile since I purchased on of the Exam books, but, as I remember this, if you buy the print book, you should receive a CD with it that will contain your book's source code, including this database. However, if you buy the e-book, there is no CD and no download.

    EDIT: Though another possibility is that the material is using an Entity Framework Code-First model, in which case, you will build the database from the code-first model.

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  • I bought the print book from Amazon...there is NO CD...and no website to download the TestDB or code samples used through-out the book.

  • I purchased the book and there is no CD as well. i had one query - is the book sufficient to pass the exam?

  • This appears to be a major editing oversight or something of that nature. The text that Kevin is referring to says:

    This section shows you how to use the tools to build a simple model against the TestDB created

    in the beginning of Chapter 1. You can alternatively manually create your models and use

    those models to generate your database if you alter step 3 and choose Empty Model instead.

    However, before you begin, make sure that your TestDB is ready to go, and you’re familiar

    with how to connect to it. One way is to ensure that the tests back in the ADO.NET section

    pass. Another way is to ensure that you can successfully connect via SQL Server Management

    Studio (SSMS). For the included screen shots, the EF model is added to the existing

    MySimpleTests project.

    But prior to this, there isn't a single mention of the TestDB or of the MySimpleTests project, let alone steps for setting them up. It's like they left out a whole section of the chapter that's required for proceeding any further.

    EDIT: It looks like this is listed multiple times among the Unconfirmed Errata on O'Reilly's site, dating back to early December, but alas, I can't find any information about how to resolve this issue.

  • I don't find the TestDB to and decided to use the tutorial 'Getting Started with Entity Framework 6 Database First using MVC 5' to create the database and follow the book.

  • I have the same issue. I am at the EF section where they say to use the TestDB but there is no instructions in the ADO.NET section for the database. Only the test code? The author gives step by step instructions for EF but not the database!  I don't know why authors assume you know what they are doing when we don't. I think this is extremely poor quality on Microsoft's part. I now know why my instructor gave me this book and did not use it in our class. It is poorly written.

  • Total wild guess - but was the author actually referring to LocalDB?

    This database is installed with Visual Studio automatically and is used by Entity Framework's DBContext class. It creates a database in LocalDB when there is not a matching connection string in the Web.config file.

    You can connect to LocalDB from Visual Studio by clicking:

    Tools | Connect to Database...

    Enter this exact server name with parentheses:


    Click OK

    Databases should appear in Server Explorer. Your app's database may be in the \App_Data\ folder of your website.

    Good luck!

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