My path to the MCSD: Web Applications

  • I am new to SOA and reading Programming WCF Services: Mastering WCF and the Azure AppFabric Service Bus by Juval Lowy and watching the WCF videos on Pluralsight (in order of release date).

    I have some experience with Entity Framework Code First. I am also reading Julie Lerman's three books on the subject (in chronological order) and watching her videos on Pluralsight.

    After that, I plan to find a book on Web API and, similarly, watch the videos on Pluralsight.

    Then I'll brush up on my ADO.NET and everything else listed in the Skills Measured section for this exam.

    This is how I passed the first two exams. The only difference is that I had plenty of hands-on experience with HTML/CSS/Javascript and ASP.NET MVC, whereas I have close-to-nil experience developing Windows Azure and web services.

    So wish me luck!

    And good luck to you, too!

  • Good Luck Alexis! A lot of posters on forums have said that they learned very successfully from the MSDN website as opposed to books. Also,many have purchased practice tests from MeasureUp and Transcender.

  • Hi, I hope you'd good luck and passed 487. Would like to share your latest bits? Many thanks :-)

  • I'm still studying for mine, in my spare time. I'd say I'm about 65% finished preparing for the exam. I've found that printing out the slides for Pluralsight videos prior to viewing the video, then taking notes on those slides, is a big help. A lot of paper, but makes it quicker to study and easier to review.

  • Here are a few interesting links I've found helpful recently:

  • Hi Alex,

    Were you able to give the exam?

  • I'm taking it in 11 days. I am so ready to ace this one!

  • How was the exam? can you update your experience and some learning tips which helped you really in writing your exams!!!

    Thanks and Regards,


  • Didn't pass the 70-483 exam today ... :(

    I'll try in two weeks again.

  • I took this  exam  (70-487)  two and a half months ago and barely passed it. For me, it was the hardest of the three, having no real-world experience using these technologies. I used Pluralsight a lot, those links to study guides I posted earlier, and the MVC 3 and Entity Framework books I posted earlier. I landed a fantastic job about 4 weeks afterwards. It was all worth it!

    What helped the most was the print-outs of the Pluralsight powerpoints and the notes I took from the books. I went over those over and over and over right up until exam day. The exam was heavy on WCF and Web API. As usual, the questions were tricky, where I'd find myself going, "Either of these answers is the correct one. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!!"

    There is nothing like hands-on experience for these tests. If you can get yourself wrapped up in a project that uses these technologies (EF, WFC, Web API, Azure), it will be SOOOOO worth it. And really, honestly, I can't stress this enough: sign up for Pluralsight and spend time with their amazing catalog of professional developer training. They have plenty on EF and WCF. Web API, Azure, and other things like XML, not so much, so for those I would recommend other people's study guides (see my earlier links) as well as text books and the MSDN resources.

    Good luck to everyone!!! And good luck to Microsoft. I hope they don't unravel and make this all for nothing.

    Loving Windows 8.1, btw.