How much experience required to take exam 486?

  • I have 1+  year experiene in ASP.NET .Can i attend 486 exam? 

  • Depends on what you did for that 1+ years...

    I know people that used MVC / EF for 6 months and flew through the exam.  I've been using ASP.NET with WCF for the better part of a decade, and I had trouble with it.

    Read through the exam objectives. If everything in there looks familiar to you, you might be ok with 1+ years. If nothing looks familiar, you have some studying to do.

  • You can always sit for this exam; however, some of it will test your experience, so be prepared.

    Also, note that the exam will be upgraded near the end of April to reflect changes associated with Visual Studio 2013.  If you're not taking the test before then, you need to be prepared for these changes.

    Christopher Reed, MCT, MCSD, MCPD, MSpec, MTA, MCTS
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