Eligibility for 70-480 exam

  • Hi, I want to take up 70-480 exams. But i heard that only people with professional experience of 1 year can take up the exam. I am in my final year of masters degree in computer applications. Can someone help me with my eligibility of taking up this exam please.
  • Eligibility is: have you paid your money to sit the exam? Yes - your eligible. No - your not eligible.

    Basically, to sit an exam, you just need to purchase it on the prometric website (click "Schedule Now" on this page:

    The 1 year of experience is a recommendation for the exams, but is not compulsory or enforced. I sat the 480 exam shortly after completing my bachelors degree. I did not have a job at the time and have never worked as a developer.

    Hope that helps.