70-480 and Windows 7

  • Hello,

    My team is currently developing Web applications and targeting the following:


    .NET Framework 4.5

    MVC 4 (Razor)

    SQL Server 2008 R2.


    I started to focus on the 70-480 exam because it is one of the tests that can apply to either MCSD.  The CodeShow was focused on Windows 8 Operating system.  I'm contemplating standing up a Virtual Machine for a Windows 8 Operating System, but the company that I am working for, will probably NOT be moving to Windows 8 for quite some time.  Should I focus on a different Certification thread?

    Please chime in.







  • Sorry, the current OS that we are using is Windows 7 Enterprise.  So, I could NOT run the CodeShow code in VS2012 because it was set up for Windows 8.

  • My opinion would be that the html5, css3 and javascript skills tested in 70-480 would be relevant to the website development (for use in browsers) as well as for windows 8 apps, so is still a good track to follow. You would then want to follow the MCSD Web Applications track and do 70-486 and 70-487 which would be applicable to the skillset you have listed, rather than either of the Windows Store Apps tracks (C# or html5).

    The Web Applications track is the track I am planning to follow - with 70-480 to be my first exam.

  • Thanks Martin,

    I agree.  I just thought that it was peculiar that the CodeShow code/project from the class would require me to have a Windows 8 development environment.  I am now investigating a VMware of Windows 8 VS2012, which is another skill that I need to work on.  

    Thanks again!


  • Let's face it, web dev is web dev.  Your target platform is a browser, not an OS. You should have no problem targeting the MCSD track for web development if you are still on Win7.

  • Some of you have missed the point of the original post. The issue is that the training itself, and all the VS2012 plugins, the code, etc. are requiring the student/developer to have a Windows 8 development environment. Certainly the output from doing Web Dev under VS2012 can be targeted to more than Windows 8 - but why has MS forced the developer to use Windows 8 for the training course(s) themselves?

  • I think that the training uses the win8 environment because there is a big crossover and many similarities between the skills required for the Win8 Apps and the Web Dev tracks for MCSD. The 70-480 exam is relevant to both of these tracks.

    I think it would be possible to prepare for the exam using a Win7 environment, but it would probably require a bit more effort on your part. For example, you would have to do so without the use of the CodeShow() examples (and possibly other materials I am not yet aware of). VS 2012 Express for Web certainly works fine on a Win7 machine, as does VS Ultimate (and presumably pro and premium, but I haven't tried them). Most likely, I think only the 70-480 exam will have this win7/win8 issue as the following two exams in the web dev track are focused on MVC and Azure and wont need code written for win8 apps.

    I just bought the ebook "Training_Guide_Programming_in_HTML5_with_JavaScript_and_CSS3" and it discusses in the first chapter the limitations for Blend and VS 2012 Express for Win 8 Apps that using a Win7 environment has.


    PS. Mobile_Med: I focused my previous answer on the fact the OP asked "Should I focus on a different Certification thread?". Maybe I should of discussed the Win7/Win8 disparity in the training a bit more in my reply, but I think my opinion as stated in that reply still stands.

  • The video tutorials and CodeShow in particular certainly require Windows 8, however the exam and the training guide book "Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3" are not tied to Windows 8, they are designed to test your knowledge of HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript/jQuery.

    It is perfectly possible to study for this exam without using Windows at all, the training guide mentions Visual Studio integration for debugging etc a few times, but if you are familiar with VS from web development there won't be any surprises there.

    The CodeShow and associated videos were put together as a Windows Store development quick start guide. The videos for 70-480 are actually half of a full course (which is why they regularly mention "day two" in the videos, which is the bit that delves into store apps). As such, they mention Windows 8 a lot. Additionally, they do not cover everything that is in the exam, and only cover some areas very briefly (e.g. they mention storage, but not IndexDB, webSQL etc). I would recommend that you do not rely solely on the CodeShow examples, but instead use the training guide as a minimum, preferably with pratical experience and other online resources.

    One other point of note: The videos spend quite a bit of time covering Microsoft's implementation of Promises, the training guide does not but instead covers jQuery's implementation. It is unclear if either of these are in the exam - the skills measured sections do not mention Promises at all. 

  • Thank you to all for the replies.  

    I'm continuing down the path of studying the Training guide book.


  • Just a note about putting Windows 8 into a virtual machine. It won't go into MS's Virtual PC, must use hyperV or VirtualBox.  I tried it the other day, it took about 6 hrs to load then at the end gave an error message.