MTA 98-361 Preparation (Info collected from several posts)

  • Hello everybody!

    I am a software developer with around 7 years experience in Desktop/Web Microsoft apps and now I want to prepare the Software fundamentals certifications, aka MTA 98-361.

    I enclose here below several resources found in this community. I would like to hear from you guys about more knowledge resources useful to pass this exam and how long should take the previous preparation. I know, in each case is different but I think it can be helpful for those who want to achieve this goal at some date. Just with your experience time and the time invested in preparing the exam.


    - Practice test at MeasureUp ("Certification mode" and "Study mode"), these tests don't cover the entire Exam.
    - Microsoft virtual academy
    - youtube channel
    - John Wiley 98-361 BOOK
    - wikiversity



  • Hello Rabasco,

    My name is Rupam, and I'm currently studying for the 98-361 MTA certification. Thank you for the course resources that you have shared.

    Well, there is some other MTA certification exams on web and desktop apps. are they also needed along with the 361 certificate or the"98-361" is enough? please let me know.


    Rupam Banerjee

  • Hi Rupam,

    sorry for the delay answering you. Probably you already know the answer to your question...

    I think is enough if you just take one of those exams. They are there just depending on how do you want to continue after getting the MTA certification.

    Here is well explained.



  • Thanks for sharing buddy, also here's another useful ressource you might want to add to your list: Study Guide for Exam 98-361

  • Oups, seems the link isnt working, here's the full address:

  • Hi all, thank you for your support, I just wanted to tell you that I passed my exam with good score 94/100.

    I am planning to write a post in my blog ( soon so if someone is interested in pass this exam please tell me and I will try to help you as much as I can.

    Thank you all guys!

  • where is the best place to start?

  • hii...thanks for the resources u shared...

    I was a C developer and have a knowledge of database, and OOP. I am new to web development. I have gone through MVA and wikiversity. I am having difficulty in web development part of the course. I am not able to understand how much I have to read for this. For example HTML and Javascript are very wide areas, so how much I have to study for the exam?

    I will be highly obliged if can give me some suggestion on web development and desktop application fundamentals.  


  • Hi Nick,

    Take a look at my blog here below, I wrote several posts about this certification.

  • Hi Monika,

    If you already have a base in coding it's shouldn't be a big deal for you. Take a look at Html, css and JS basics (you don't need to code anything on those languages but maybe understand basic lines of code). See also how basic web applications works, users accounts, infrastructure, IIS (bindings), front and backend development. The Wiley it's a good resource.



  • Hi - thank you for the resources. Can you tell me if these resources are for the most current version of the exam since I was told it was recently updated?



  • Hi Gerri,

    I think so, I made the exam November 10th. When was the exam updated?



  • Thanks for sharing your resource links.

    Laura Captain

  • Hello Roger,

    I was excited reading about your excellent pass score of 94/100.

    I am new to IT and i want to seat for this Microsoft exam MTA 98-361.

    What materials can i use to study and pass this exam first time.

    I am an Accountant by profession and I have decided to follow my passion in IT.

    I wish to do software development and be employable as a software developer.

    I am open for advise on the path to follow to be a great developer and also which language to learn first,

    which is also relevant and make me employable. I have been thinking of starting to learn C#.

    Pls help me team    

  • Hi @Xap Code,

    Mmm yeah it's Roberto not Roger but you can call me Roger if you want hehehe :) no worries!

    It's always great for me read someone without IT background wants to start in IT. I wish you have a lot of patience because this profession is not very grateful sometimes.

    Starting with MTA can provide you a great overview of some of the main technologies used currently by developers. You will learn a bit of desktop apps, web, services. This way you'll get a good understanding of what you would like to learn next.

    I recommend you to go over the Willey book as main resource, then the Microsoft Virtual Academy has some great resources and of course, has also very good tutorials about MTA ;)