Anyone knows anything more than "March 2014" about when 70-465 will be upgraded with SQL Server 2014 content?

  • Hi anyone,

    Yesterday I found out a bad piece of news from here

    Relevant quote:

    • In March 2014, the MCSE: Data Platform (464/465) and MCSE: Business Intelligence (466/467) exams will be appropriately updated with SQL Server 2014 topics. The exam numbers will remain the same.

      At least one month prior to the update, details on the original and revised exam objectives will be made available for review in the Skills measured section of each exam detail webpage.

    Does anyone know more details about this? I'm especially interested in the exact date when 465 will be available in its current format.

    AFAIK this is the first time exam content is upgraded while exam numbers remain the same. This catches me on the wrong foot because I already took 464 and was planning to get my MCSE for SQL Server 2012 by also taking 465. Unfortunately, it's currently undefined what happens to my progress if I delay this exam until May as I was planning because 465 with SQL Server 2012 content will no longer be available by that time.


    P.S: I used the live chat feature from Microsoft's website and was unable to find more details from them. So currently I have to assume the worst case scenario, which means 465 will be upgraded on March 1st.

  • I've taken MCSE: Data Platform (464) during first week of May and I can confirm there were number of questions based on SQL Server 2014 and SQL Azure.

  • Sometime around Apr 1st Microsoft updated the info on the respective exam pages stating that SQL Server 2014 content will be introduced beginning with Apr 24th.