Prep materials for 464

  • I took and passed the 461 exam today (YAY!) and am preparing to study for the 464 exam only to find a surprising lack of general preparation materials.  When studying for 461, there was a brief video tutorial at, and there was a recommended Microsoft Press book, “Training Kit 70-461: Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012”.  I found both of these resources extremely useful.

    For the 464 exam there is no video and the recommended books state, “Explore books written by experts at Microsoft Press”.  I am glad we have the “Prep resources by objective” (a HUGE improvement from the past); however, under each section it states “<< Add your resources here >>”.  This would be a massive help for the 464 since I doubt any one book will cover all the topics.

    If any enterprising MCT would take the time to suggest resources for the following areas, I would greatly appreciate it:

    2.1 Write automation scripts

    2.3 Design T-SQL table-valued and scalar functions

    2.5 Create and alter views (complex statements)

    3.2 Design for concurrency

    3.4 Design data integrity

    3.5 Design for implicit and explicit transactions

    4. Optimizing and Troubleshooting Queries (the entire section, this is a gap area for me)


    Thank you in advance.






  • Hello Michael,

      First of all, congratulations for the 461 (you know by now that is really a tough one!).

      Like you, I am preparing myself for the 464 because it seemed to me a natural step (querying -> developing) instead of moving to the others like "Administration" or "BI" and then moving back to "developing" again. And also as you I could not find much material as it was available for the 461, but one thing that I found resourceful so far is the book "Inside Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008: T-SQL Programming" which although for the SQL Server 2008 has a good deal of content that can be used for this test, especially the topics you listed which are more or less in common with SQL Server 2012.

      I got other references for the "Optimizing and Troubleshooting Queries" (that is tough one in the exam) but I am still validating them. As soon as I get anything new I will post it here.

      Good luck!



  • Great work, Michael

    I recently completed my MCSA - of the three exams, I found 461 the most difficult.  Ironically, it was the one I had the most comfort and experience with.  Anyway, I think it is the toughest exam, and I'm not looking forward to 464 ;-)  Both 462 and 463 just require careful reading of the training kit, completing the exercises, and doing included practice tests.  When you can score 95% or better consistently on the practice tests, you are probably ready :-)

    Any suggestions as to resources for this 464 exam would be welcome.

  • I guess that's the advantage of scheduling the exam with the second-shot offer... it's kind of a practice test! I did that with the MCSA track. I'm actually going to take the upgrade exam (70-459) but any info for studying would be appreciated. At least I'll be a little more prepared for the first shot!

  • Personally I believe 464 is the most difficult among all 5 exams. I barely passed using 1 hour and 45 minutes. The training material I used were 70-461 training kit and BOL. 70-462 training kit might also help, not much IMO.

  • A final update... I did pass it the first time, with 6 minutes to spare!  I ended up sing the 70-461 training kit and went through the skills assessed, made an outline and made sure I understood each point.  I thought it was over kill but I'm so glad I did it now!

    Going back to 463 now, then 462 and finally 465.  MCSE by end of May!

  • Thanks Ning and HealthcareSQL for your input.  I was thinking to use the 461 material to study and I'm glad it worked out for you guys.  I did not enjoy the 461 or 463 exams so this will be a challenge. I'm taking my test in less than two weeks, I'd better get cracking!! The only training kit I have is for 463 unfortunately.  

    Good luck to you all, I'll let you know how the upgrade test goes which will be a combo of 464 and 465.

  • I passed the Upgrade Exam and got my MCSE. I would say that 464 is a bit challenging but not as hard as 461. If you study for 461 and regularly do development it shouldn't be hard to pass.  465 is kind of an upgrade to the DBA track, so like 450 was to 432 for SQL 2008. I actually found the exam easier than many of the other ones.  Good luck to you.

  • I had a completely different experience. 461 was the hardest for me, and 464 was the easiest. I finished 464 in just over an hour. 465 is the last one and I write that tomorrow.

  • Congratulations guys!!

    Can someone please help providing 1-2 books references which will help to cover 464 exam?




  • Are their any training kits available for 467.  Candidates like myself are desperately seeking an answer!

  • Hi,

    I know that there is no training kit from MS Press for the 467 exam.

    Here is a link to a book about SQL 2012 Busines Intelligence solutions. It may help you prepare:


    You can also look at the exam details page for 70-467. This page will be updated when Microsoft releases new content related to this exam:


  • I followed  MichaelL 's study plan - went through 461 book and through the skills assessed and passed 464 easily.

    This link may also help:

  • Be careful taking the 70-464 today... I hadn't gone back to the overview prior to taking my exam...Microsoft has added 2014 specific questions to the test for 2012(?) ... assuming that I was taking a SQL Server 2012 (that's the title!) I missed a bunch of questions about 2014...

  • Buried in the FAQ section of the exam description is a note saying that the exam includes SQL Server 2014 questions, Mike.  That said have the exam prep materials, like the training kits and practice exams, been updated to reflect the added subject matter?