79 Questions in 2 hours?

  • I attempted 70-463 this morning. I was slammed with 79 questions to be completed in 2 hours. I simply havent got enough time to read the questions properly let alone to think about the answers. :(  Anyone else had the same problem?

  • I am preparing for it as well, but would like to know, if the Case Scenario Questions, where they based on the Data Warehouse Databases, like OLTP data vs OLAP Data

    I have to give the Exam before May 31 and I am not quite familiar with the DWH concepts.

  • 79 questions seems crazy! Has anyone done this exam recently ? I am trying to study for it at the moment and would like to know what the latest format is. Any 2014 questions ? Thanks.

  • Hi, is 70-463 exam still requiring us to complete 79 questions in 120 minutes? Or has this actually been changed? 

    By the way, could you share wit me what's the Exam Passing Score?

    I'm sitting for this exam in 2 weeks time..

  • Not exactly it’s OLTP vs. OLAP rather it’s DW concept like when to create conferment/Junk  dimension, processing  of data mart, Data mart design strategy etc.

    From exam point of lot of question was from new feature of SSIS 2012. Total 50 questions with 120 min I completed in 30 min before time is good enough.

    Apart from your regular knowledge of SSIS like Transactions, Precedence constraint, Control flow and common data flow component (that I guess everyone is very good) need to more focus on.

    Fuzzy lookup, CDC component, Data profiler component

    Project Deployment and Environment Variable (It’s very important around 4 to 5 question was related to this topic only)

    DQS and MDM

    DW Concept and Loading Strategy (4 to 5 question)

    Rest is fine. Just do practice on new features of SSIS 2012 along with your regular knowledge.

  • Yesterday I clear the examination (70-463). I did not find anything specific to SQL 2014. Total question was 50 for 120 min.

    If you want the content of examination please refer to Microsoft exam site where you can find topic that are going to cover in exam you will not find any question outside of topic