My Study Guide for the 462 exam, free to you

  • It's almost time to take the 462 exam and get a step closer to MSCE. Like with 461, I am leaving a little bread trail that I can find in the future for reference, and again, its free to you.

    (This study guide will be updated continuously until I take the exam)

    This exam is much different than the 461 and requires a different depth of knowledge, mostly related to Server Administration. I find myself doing a lot of non-SQL related steps in order to prepare a proper lab in my bedroom for studying.

    The goal is to set up a complete simulated enterprise, including clustered failover Windows Server, Domain, and Clustered SQL databases, using my 2 personal home computers. I want to utilize the latest technologies that I expect commercial enterprise will desire in the future, such as Hyper-V. You know if someone asks for clustered database work, clustered windows servers will be right alongside it. Failover Cloud Redundancy is a big trend of the day.

    I went ahead and dedicated 1 of my computer solely to this lab, installing a fresh 180 evaluation copy of Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard.

    Steps to set up lab [Before SQL Cluster Installations] (in-progress)

    Noteworthy roadblocks

    • Primary SQL Database Cluster cannot be installed on the Domain Controller.
    • Clusters require domain service accounts.
  • Thks

  • Thks for the Help :) It's going to be a little hard to achieve what you've done because I only have one PC

    I'm going to try it with virtual machines

  • I have just set up my lab using VMware. Since I only have one PC at home, I have no choice but use VMware. My pc really struggles when I fire up three sessions of windows 2008 R2 so i am upgrading to 8 gb RAM this week. I am also looking into buying SSD but not sure if it will work for me. Any ideas?

  • Are you using ESXi, VMWare player or Workstation with VMWare?  I recommend workstation if you can spring for it or if you have Windows 8.1 Pro hyper v should work, but I have not messed with it as much.  

    Buy the biggest SSD that works for you 256 GB should be well under $200 and 500 GB are under $300.  For the SSD make sure AHCI driver is enabled and then use linked clones from a patched master, it will save you space.  8 GB RAM will be tight but should work as each VM is not going to be using 100% of its allocation.  I can spin up 4 2012 VMs using < 70 GB of disk and about 10 GB of RAM.  Since all VMs run from the clone off the SSD I can boot it all up and be running my training sessions in under 2 minutes.  

    Even if you cannot expend the RAM buy the SSD, if you can't get a large one run the master from spinning disk and the linked cloned from SSD as most writes and hot reads will still be on the SSD.

    I like using VMWare Workstation, which I have because of my day job, as it allows for the linked clones, and advanced networking.

    Now I just need to find time to read, practice and play in my lab for the exam.