Yeeh! I passed! [96/100] [From Venezuela]

  • First of all, really sorry for the English they have against her eyes ...

    I understand English, but do not write well . Technically yes, and it also took me a while the 70-461 exam.

    I just wanted to share my experience with you my experience and my new path to soon be appointed MCSA

    A total of 54 questions , 11 transcription code :S.

    Tip: The MVA Course is a GREAT quick examination. I emphasize this what really put more situations that relate to the official book of ~ 900 pages. Yes! Is excellent, and remember some of it in the review, but there are many things that are impossible to show all content in planned and well structured courses . SQL is a world, keep that in mind ! .

    Second tip: Study all the detail and depth . Come Take off something new and out of use. Nothing goes unnoticed .

    Third tip: Views , Functions , Stored Procedures and XML. With this in -depth study will have almost 50 % of completed message.

    Fourth tip: Window Functions . They are convenient , great and important development in the world of SQL . Are necessary, and it is right that the review I have enough.

    Fifth tip: Do not trust the time. Do you have questions with a question ? Mark ! And finally in the REVIEW may review it . Do not back or forward. Preferably on hours ( like me) to missing minutes.

    Sixth tip: Write down all the topics required background microsoft and analyze it . Compare it to the book! .

    Seventh tip: Keep in mind the Cross APPLY operator .

    Eighth tip: Try to catch the last 2 weeks of constant study , followed by hot and so come to submit.

    Ninth tip: Practice , practice, practice . Test , test and test . Since most foolish to what you think it is still nonsense. Or until the brunt . But do it! .

    Last tip: Invest in knowledge. I live in Venezuela (for those who reside here) and only 300 USD which enable us year was expected amount since last year to invest in the 3 exams 100 USD each. Unfortunately I do not have the financial resources to assist MOCs ( official courses ) , and reading, understanding and analysis was my forced and rigorous learning .

    I conclude my boring long text..... with a record 962pts of 70-461 in 1000 . Flights to 70-462 in 1 month, God willing.

    Greetings to everyone in general.

    Detail spell bad English. :D
  • Hello Ramirez,

                           Congratulation and thanks a lot for the feedback.


    Daryl N

    W. Cen
  • Congrats Ramirez. Do you have any hand on experience with SQL? How long did you study for the test?

  • Felicidades! Congratulations!

  • Yay! Congrats!