Study group using 70-461 Training Kit

  • Hopefully this forum can be a useful resource for those who participate.

    I'm currently studying for the 70-461 test using the Training Kit by Itzik Ben-Gan and company.  I've taken the 70-461 test already once (failed, thought I was prepared after an online course but wasn't).  So I'm going through the book diligently, currently on chapter 3... getting in about an hour or two of studying per day.  

    If anyone would like to study along with me please reply, or shoot me a message.  The more the better!

  • Sure...


  • Thanks for reply Dave, where are you in terms if studying?  I hopefully will get 2-3 hours of studying today on chapter 4.

  • Here are some practice exercises that I'll be working on today that have incorporated the things so far that I've learned:

    Things to try:

    Look for employees who have null in their firstname, employee table

    Look for employees who have null in their lastname,

    Look for employees who have null in their empid,

    Orders (productid) that have NULL in their shippeddate from products table

    Create column with datatype that is made up of a surrogate key

    Find difference in years, then months, then days between youngest employee and oldest employee… create column name “Age Gap”, value should be read: “diff in (years), diff in (months), diff in (days)”

    Calculate difference of shippeddate from products table and today, if NULL then return “unknown”

  • Ben, I will get caught up with you today... can you send me an email address so we can get coordinated.  I'd like to find someone like you I can work with through the first three exams on the BI track.


  • Hi Dave, sure thing... Email me at

  • hello ben.. i am also giving dis exam on this 28th. can you do a favor for , me / ?? can you send that training kit book to my email id.  thnxx...

  • Hi sumit, I'm pretty sure I would be breaking some kind of law by sending you the book.  You've gotta buy it.  I'm sure there is an online version or pdf or something.  Here's the book I'm using, this link has a 50 page free "sampler"

  • Ben,

    Thank you for starting this forum.

    To be honest:  I have ZERO background in SQL but  I am excited to learn. If anyone has any advice on learning SQL, I appreciate any and all help.

    I'm reviewing the T-SQL Fundamentals ( but look forward to graduating to the book that you are using soon.  


  • Hi Ben,

    I also like to join with you yaar. Could you join me with you?

  • Hi guys,  sorry for late reply... I didn't receive email notifications that you had responded.  The more people the better because we'll create momentum to get through this test together!

    Daniel, it's ok not to have any experience with SQL as long as you understand the basics of relational databases.  TSQL is just a way to talk to the database and ask it to perform things for you.  Google is your best friend when learning this stuff, there is a ton of content out there.  I started learning about this stuff through an "application development environment" manual, and I was googling every other word.

    Arockia, glad you're joining as well!

    Dave, what's your status?  How's the studying going?

    I'm currently on chapter 5 of the 461 training book working through problem sets on that.

    I also have a blog that you guys might be interested in in which I've been posting homework questions, and answers.  I created the blog more as an implicit motivation tool for myself so that I wouldn't give up on completing this exam.  Feel free to use it as a tool too.  

    The blog is:

    Post here again soon everyone!

  • Doing more practice homework now so that I understand this stuff fully… anyone else online right now?

  • This forum seems to be pretty dry, I'm on sqlservercentral quite a bit… hope to see you guys there!

  • Hello all,

    I am enrolling on Database track for MCSA . One can learn more through

  • I would be really grateful if one of you helped me my query here